Apple 32GB iPod touch (Gold) (6th Generation) MKHT2LL/A B&H

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Apple iPod touch 32GB Black MC544L/A (4th Generation) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • The quality of my 32GB iPod touch’s screen still doesn’t match that of either of my iPhones. Its display has a yellower cast and is darker than my iPhones’ displays. Fortunately you’re unlikely to be bothered by these issues unless you have the touch next to an iPhone and compare the two as I did, in which case you might be the tiniest bit envious of the iPhone’s display.

    Apple has found a way to squeeze more life out of a battery charge. With the 1.1.1 iPod touch software my iPod touch played music continuously for just under 17 hours—five hours short of Apple’s claim of 22 hours of continuous audio play. My new 32GB iPod touch, running software version 1.1.3, played for 26 hours and 36 minutes—four and a half hours longer than Apple’s estimate. As with the test files on my 16GB iPod touch, these were AAC files encoded at 128kbps of lengths between two and six minutes. WiFi was switched on and EQ and Sound Check turned off. Screen brightness and volume were set in the middle, and the touch was configured to Auto-Lock after one minute.

  • At this point I don’t know what to attribute the increased playtime to—whether there’s something special about the 32GB iPod touch or the latest software manages power better. With that in mind, I’m retesting the audio playtime on my old 16GB iPod touch (which is running the 1.1.3 software and includes the $20 add-on application pack) to see if the latest software gives the battery a boost. I’ll post results when I have them.

    I think I would probably be okay getting a 32 GB iPod Touch but I don't know for sure as I might run out of memory. Don't forget that it has a HD Camcorder so the HD Videos will take up a bit of space also.

    Details: Apple reports that the 32 GB iPod touch 3rd Gen model can hold "up to" 7000 songs and the 64 GB model "up to" 14,000 songs in "128-Kbps AAC format". Likewise, the 32 GB model can hold as many as 40,000 photos and the 64 GB model can hold as many as 90,000 photos.

    Additionally, Apple reports that the 32 GB model can hold "up to" 40 hours of video and the 64 GB model "up to" 80 hours of video.

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    bar codes readable from an ipod touch?

    I just purchased the 32g ipod touch. It is an amazing device. Only a few days with it and I'm totally won over by this thing.

    Anyway, I purchased concert tickets, printable from my computer. I've also received the tickets on my ipod touch, and the bar codes are perfectly legible on the touch. Now, could a bar code reader be able to read the ticket bar code straight off my ipod touch? Of course, I've printed the hard copy tickets. Just wondering if it's possible.

    Not only were the two unwise enough to post pictures of marijuana on Craiglist, but they were also gullible enough to believe that anyone would trade a 32G iPad, which $599 for the Wi-Fi version and $729.00 for the 3G version, for a 32G iPod touch and a quarter ounce of marijuana of dubious quality.

I recently bought an iPod touch 32 GB (2nd generation)

Would you say it's easier to use USB stick or iPod for music? I use a 32G ipod touch, its an old one so I can't run the latest ios that allows wireless syncing - I will at some point I'll get a later one that can. It'll mean I never have bother taking it out of the car. It does stay there semi-permanatly anyway, only ever gets taken out when I need to update the library. I do find the updating a pain, so wirelessly on in the garage would be fab.