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4Moms Infant Tub, White

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  • MamaRoo is by far the greatest baby swing-bouncer out there and the most complex as well. It is true that not all the babies like it, now, every baby is different and it might happen not to like it. The secret is to use 4moms mamaRoo baby swing from the start, so the baby doesn’t use to another type of soothing device. Great product and review!

    The first product to be launched to the UK market is the 4moms mamaRoo baby chair. There is nothing quite like this available today. Most bouncers or loungers follow the same theme and may have some small features that are different. The mamaRoo changes the rules completely. It doesn’t Vibrate or swing like most baby chairs. Afterall, when we, as parents get our babies to sleep, do we vibrate, do we swing!! The 4moms team have designed the mamaRoo to mimic the motions we create , we sway and bounce and so does the mamaRoo.

  • The 4moms rockaRoo Baby Rocker. Rocks like a rocking horse, which maximises the sensation of motion for your baby to keep them happy and calm.

    This is Truly Awsome! this is what innovation is all about. The 4Moms mamaRoo baby chair/ bouncer has just re-written the rule book where baby bouncers or rockers are concerned. It not only looks great but the way it moves is awesome.

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