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LEGO - CHI Razar - 70205 - Garçon - à partir de - 6 ans - livré à l'unité

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    Jägerndorfer 70205 Mittelwgn Ampz 1 kl. Railjet ÖBB E6 Psz: 73 81 19-90 617-5, Mittelwgn Bmpz 2 kl. Railjet ÖBB E6 Psz: 73 81 22-90 317-7 Spirit of Switzerland - HighEnd H0 1:87

  • Finally, I don’t like that 70205 Legends of Chima CHI Razar’s back is left totally exposed. While it’s interesting to look at Razar’s wings from the rear, having no covering at all on Razar’s back looks clunky and wrong. One more piece to cover the back would have gone a long way to making this figure look a whole lot better from behind.

    The other point of articulation that I think really would have helped that isn’t here is some sort of ball-jointed waist. Chima 70205 CHI Razar can take on a ton of poses and stances as it is, but he falls just a hair (or a feather?) short of being able to do everything I want him to because of the lack of a waist joint.

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    Marka: Kristal Davetiyeleri
    Zarfı Kendinden Zarflı Model
    Baskı Şekli Standart Ofset Baskı
    Baskı Süresi 1-2 İş günü
    Açıklama Kristal Davetiye 70205 kahve tonlarında ferman şeklinde bir davetiyedir. İnce kuşe kağıttır.

    LEGO 70205 CHI Razar includes two weapons: a pair of short scythes. These are really lethal and fun-looking, and I thought the chains hanging from the bottoms of the handles added a little extra stylish flair to the scythes. I love posing the large CHI Razar Raven Tribe buildable figure dual-wielding these scythes, and I am sorely tempted to pick up the CHI Gorzan Gorilla Tribe figure so that I can get the extra pieces to create a double-sided scythe and flail for Razar to hold.

70205 : Address: 1943 Rosecrest Dr Oakland, CA 94602

The LEGO 70205 CHI Razar set itself consists of 68 pieces. My wife literally built the set in under 10 minutes, which I thought was pretty speedy given that she hadn’t built a LEGO set in many years.