It's 30% larger than the original Moon In My Room!

Top 5 Reasons Moon in My Room is a Best Seller:

Moon In My Room Remote Control Wall Décor Night Light

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  • TAG : You can easily teach your kids the phases of the moon
  • After 30 minutes without interruption, Moon in My Room will automatically shut off to save battery power. This lets you fall asleep to the soft glow of the moon, while conserving battery power to make sure Moon in my Room can be enjoyed for a long time.

    The Super Moon is 30% larger than the original Moon In My Room, and it has its own lunar clock. This means that it can automatically match the real phases of the moon as they happen outside your house!

  • Uncle Milton’s Moon in My Room features rows of lights that glow softly behind the detailed lunar surface. The lights are specially arranged to mimic the phases of the moon, going from a new moon to full moon and all the phases in between. Teach your child about the solar system while watching Moon in My Room show off the moon’s progression from dark to light.

    What's the different about the the moon tonight? It's inside your room! Authentically detailed, the Brainstorm Moon in My Room hangs on your wall and shines moonlight just like the real moon.

    • A moon light that cycles through the lunar phases
    • Encourages lunar interest and interest in astronomy
    • Watch the phases of the moon from your own bedroom!
    • Built-in lunar clock
    • Super Moon can cycle through the phases of the moon as they happen
    • Choose from automatic lunar phases or manual function
    • 30% larger than the original Moon In My Room
    • Molded plastic with careful crater and geological detail
    • Nighttime and moon landing sound effects
    • Auto shut-off for use as a night light
    • Includes web code for moon audio tour download
    • Hang the moon on the wall
    • Remote controlled
    • Includes 1 Super Moon unit, remote control
    • Instructions included
    • 3 C and 2 AAA batteries required (not included)

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