Comments about Airhead Viper 3 Rider:

Comments about Airhead Viper 3 Rider:

Kwik Tek Airhead Viper 3 Rider Towable Tube - WakeTaker WaterSports & Marine

AIRHEAD AHVI-F2 Viper 2, 2-Rider Towable

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    AIRHEAD’s VIPER series is a collection of cock-pit style towable tubes. The boat hull shaped bottom is the key to the unparalleled lively and stable ride. Airhead Viper 2 inflatable tubes are perfect for young children who need a more secure ride or are new to water sports. The durable 30 guage bladders are completely encased in durable double-stitched nylon and the striped nylon wrap handles have neoprene knuckle guards for comfort.

  • Airhead Viper 2 - person Towable. Features a sleek racing boat - inspired hull and secure cockpit seating! Watch out! Fun strikes quickly in the cockpit of the Viper! And once it sinks its fangs into...

    The ski tube is among our top sellers, especially for those with smaller children! Airhead’s Viper 2 ski tube is so enjoyable, it is easily one of the favorites! This inflatable boat tube has cock-pit style seating areas which are not only comfortable but comforting as well when you have children riding in them! The Viper 2 ski tube is definitely worth all the attention it receives and then some! The Viper 2 inflatable is well designed and very durable, it should give you many years of use if taken care of. Airhead is well known for making quality items that are durable and enjoyable! The Airhead Viper 2 is red, black, and white. The Viper ski tube series come in one, two, three, and four person options! The Viper 1 boat tube is one person version of the series. The Viper 2 boat tube is the two person option in the series. The Viper 3 is the three person option and the Viper 4 is the largest in the series and is of course the 4 person option. The Viper 2 ski tube is pulled from the front and each seat has its own padded back rest. The Viper 2 also has a padded cock-pit seating area which makes the ride very comfortable as well as several grip handles to make it more comfortable for people of all heights to ride. These towables have it all, whether you are in the mood for action or relaxation, this series provides a great choice! The Viper ski tube series is ideal for multi-riders as well as a single rider! The Viper series are also great for people looking for something a little more exciting. The Viper’s design makes it easier to stay upright, so you can really enjoy going over those wakes!

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Enjoy a fun and exciting water ride with Airhead Viper Boat Towable. It has a bottom that is shaped just like a boat’s hull to give you the maximum stability. This boat towable features 30 gauge bladder to hold up to rough use. The bladder is covered by high-quality nylon that is double stitched for extra strength and durability.