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  • But then sometimes I do listen to it. Like this Thursday when out of the blue, I suddenly decided I really ought to be Anna from Frozen this Sunday. To put this in context, this Sunday my university was running a Halloween fair for children in our community and I was volunteering with a club I’m a part of. I knew that I already had a great costume that my mum was making me for Halloween, but my brain would not let go of the idea of being Anna.

    Restore Princess Anna back to health! In Anna Frozen Flu Doctor, you will play as the Snow Queen from Frozen. Bring the radiator nearby to provide heat, and check Anna's vital signs. She needs three spoonfuls of cough syrup. Use the hair dryer to unfreeze the Princess of Arendelle!

  • When I saw this movie in the theater I thought it was OK. I took my kid to go see it and having known the REAL story of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, I was disappointed that Disney completely changed the entire story, only keeping four character names and the trolls: oh and snow.

    This movie is horrible and one of the worst movies since Wall-E. It is filled with inconsistencies and the writers just pushed things along because the plot was completely weak that it couldn't stand on its own.

    My first complaint is that the coronation of the queen took two years. So who ran the government? The church? Other political leaders? I must assume that the other political leaders ran the kingdom while the queen sulked in her room?

    Then the new queen abandons her post, leaving her sister, the princess, who takes control of the kingdom by giving orders (which she wouldn't be allowed to give such orders) and then puts a visiting prince in charge??

    This visiting prince then starts giving orders as if he was the king and even gives a decree later putting the queen to death? WTF? Where is the bishop or the other leaders in this mess? Why aren't the guards running a blade through this jerk's chest?

    All this aside, the movie still sucked because Disney is in a rut.

    Disney has follow the path of Japanese Anime which uses these huge eyes on the main characters, of course no one else in the movie has those big sulky eyes.

    Then the score.

    The score, the lyrics suck. If you listen to the words it sounds like the "Name Game".

    Anna, Anna, Anna. Fro-anna! Ba anna, fanna fro fanna Fee fi fro anna Anna

    There is no substance to the songs and they are again using a formula to draw people in with the same up-beat tempo.

    In closing, this is the worst movie I've seen since Wall-E which, the more I watched it, was filled with inconsistencies and plot flaws through out the entire movie.

    Frozen will make BAZILLIONS of bucks for Disney but it isn't a quality movie. It's a crap filled sling fest of horrible songs, horrible animation and horrible writing. It was created so it could be used in their theme parks and on their cruises so that parents can purchase Chinese made, plastic paraphernalia.

    The impact knocks the prince onto the ground, unconscious. Just as Anna's dying breath is lost, Elsa notices what has happened; breaking down in sorrow around her younger sister's frozen body. Kristoff, Olaf and Sven arrive shortly at the scene and mourn the loss of the princess with Elsa, along with the dignitaries and , who witness the powerful scene from the castle balcony. But soon thereafter, Anna thaws from her frozen state, beginning around her heart, as Anna's ultimate sacrifice for Elsa has constituted an act of true love.

  • The kingdom is so happy! They got great news! Anna from Frozen is pregnant and having a lowly child. Of course she still needs to look fabulous. Can you help her to dress up?

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Kristoff prepared the two of them for descent by tying a rope and making a snow anchor. However, Elsa's guard was beginning to catch up once again and threw a tree to herald his approach. Impulsively, Anna jumped from the cliff, pulling Kristoff over the edge with her. At that moment, Olaf reappeared, believing that they had finally escaped "Marshmallow". In reality, Marshmallow was behind Olaf and approached Kristoff's snow anchor, despite the smaller snowman's attempts to stop him. After flicking Olaf from his leg, Marshmallow began to pull on the rope, smashing Kristoff's head into the cliff in the process, to Anna's dismay. After he brought the pair to eye-level, Marshmallow bellowed at them, telling them not to return. Acquiescing to the demand, Anna grabbed Kristoff's knife and cut the rope, enabling the duo to fall from Marshmallow's clutches, landing in the soft snow two hundred feet below.