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Share the post "Hexbug AquaBots Jellyfish & Seahorse Review"

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HEXBUG Aquabot (Styles and Color May Vary)

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  • Also new in 2015 is the Hexbug Aquabot RC Angelfish. In 5 unique styles, the Aquabot Angelfish can either swim on its own or when guided by the remote control unit.

    And I don’t have time to take care of a furry mammal so the Aquabot is a pretty cool option for someone like myself. Lucky for these Aquabot fish, they are the non-breathing type of pets. They look like a fish, swim like a fish, don’t smell like fish, and best of all – don’t need to be fed or looked after.

  • Get ready because HEXBUG is making waves with a revolutionary, new Aquabot – the HEXBUG® Aquabot Jellyfish! Loaded with smart fish® technology, this new Jellyfish will amp up the action of your robotic aquarium with its vibrant inner glow and 15 pre-programmed swimming routines.

    I have seen some reviews that left people wondering how to change the batteries. Our HexBug AquaBot Jellyfish came with instructions on how to change the batteries along with the little tool to do so. There are also instructions on the with a video to show how to change the batteries.

  • Using a compact battery-powered ducted impeller inside, the Aquabot Jellyfish will spin and use its 18 tentacles to propel itself through one of 15 pre-programmed swimming routines. It's completely autonomous, though, so it's a sit back and enjoy kind of thing, but after it's gone into sleep mode after a few minutes of performing, you can easily bring it back to life by tapping on the tank or running your fingers through the water.

The Aquabot Fish are a collection of micro robotic fish which ..

is known for bringing kids robotic and aquatic pets, and one of its newest additions to the tank is the AquaBot Jellyfish. In our office, we’ve seen Angel Fish, , and even Zombie AquaBots swimming around at their leisure, and while this new pet fish is just as exciting as fish of the past, it has some new, swimmingly awesome features.