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  • My little one is on the AR Lipil and when she does spit up- which is not nearly as much as it used to be, it looks chunky like you've described. I'm not sure what it is- I know the formula is mixed well, I mix it up with a whisk before I put it in the bottle. She doesn't seem to mind it and we're down to one major spit up every 2 days or so.

    Consumer healthcare company Mead Johnson suffered a full truckload (FTL) theft of infant formula products last week in Michigan, US.

    The theft is the latest in a series of incidents involving Mead Johnson products over the last few years.

    In the latest case, a trailer containing more than 3,000 cases of Enfamil brand infant formula products was taken from a drop lot in Grand Rapids, Michigan, sometime over the weekend of November 3-4.

    The tally of stolen goods included 1,600 cases of Enfamil Premium powder, 340 cases of Enfamil Premium concentrate liquid, 864 cases of Enfamil Gentlease powder and 288 cases apiece of Enfamil Prosobee and Enfamil AR Lipil powder.

    The value of the load has not been divulged, but an earlier FTL theft of assorted Enfamil pr oducts in was reported at the time to be worth around $250,000.

    The previous Mead Johnson lost an FTL of infant formula products estimated to be worth around half a million dollars in a raid in Michigan, but was able to recover the shipment intact. That incident followed thefts of infant formula in both March 2011 and .

    Cargo theft news in brief

    - A last-mile hijacking of a courier van in Los Angeles, California, on November 5 resulted in the loss of 10 totes of assorted pharmaceutical products. The driver of the van was assaulted repeatedly with a Taser device during the incident.

    - On around October 20, a FTL theft resulted in the loss of more than 5,500 cases of assorted Mucinex brand congestion remedies, manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser, from a refuelling centre in Richland, Mississippi.

  • Hi I'm Dr. David Hill, and today we're going to talk about acid reflux disease in infants. Of the complaints we get about infants this has got to be among the most common. And in fact, to some degree reflux is a normal part of the infant's functioning. We have learned that reflux may actually help spread good, helpful bacteria from mom's breast milk into the baby's airway to protect it from disease. So there is a reason this happens. Our questions is when is it causing a problem? If reflux seems to be causing your baby to lose weight, cry all the time, be constantly congested or stuffy. Or even worse have breathing problems, then it really needs to be addressed with your child's doctor. The first thing we do when we address reflux is to try and get the baby to eat slightly smaller feeds. Often by adding rice cereal to the formula to increase the caloric density. Now there one formula that has the rice cereal already built into it, and that is this Enfamil AR Lipil. That said, you can do the same thing with a box of rice cereal and the regular formula. So you may not want to pay extra for this product. Another thing we sometimes try to do is to change the type of formula your baby is eating. Obviously, if your baby is breast fed we can really alter the formula. But if you are giving your baby a formula there is some that seem to be a little less allergenic. So we think about the hydrolyzed formulas, specifically casing hydrolysates. I have two examples here, one is Nutramigen Lipil, and the other is Similac Alimentum. These are probably the top two choices for children who seem to be sensitive to proteins in their formula. There are also medicines that we can use, we use versions of Zantac, an antiacid called ranitdine, some people use Axid for that same purpose. And then we can use what are called proton pump inhibitors, medicines like Prilosec or Previcid, to try and reduce the acid in the baby's stomach, which we thing helps. Some people will try positioning, although it's not clear whether things like elevating the head of the bed really make that much difference. The good news is that almost all infants do eventually grow out of their reflux. If you think your infant's reflux is causing significant problems, especially with breathing, weight loss, or fussiness, address it with your pediatrician. He or she should have some great ideas to help you out. Talking about gastroesophogeal reflux in infants, I'm Dr. David Hill.

    My name is L. and my now 7 month old daughter, Cheyanne, has been on prevacid since she was about three months old. At that time we also switched her to Enfamil AR Lipil. She made a dramatic difference! Don't get me wrong she still spits up here and there in small quantities but nothing like before when she was on Enfamil with Iron. She is the only one of our girls that has Acid Reflux. The other things I have learned is when she would drink her bottle sitting her in her bumbo seat for 30 minutes so her stomach settled and we ended up buying an Acid Reflux pillow from another mom from Mamasource. The Acid Reflux pillow has been the absolute best purchase I ever made for her. She went from sleeping for 2-3 hours every night to sleeping 8 hours. Our pediatrician also suggested the pillow because the elivation helps her digest better. It all made sense because only my pregnancy with her I had Acid Reflux real bad and I would sit up and sleep and feel much better. Hope these things help you and if you decide to try a pillow defiantely buy it used because they are expensive and if it didn't work I wouldn't want you to be out that money. Thanks L.

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    I switched Keira's formula from Enfamil AR Lipil to Nestle Good Start w/ Cultures cuz it was making her rather gassy. I weaned her off over a period of a week and while I've noticed that she's less gassy, her poops are dark green and more tar like. The iron content is the same, so it cant be that.

    Is it because Nestle's first ingredient is hydrolyzed protein and Enfamil is straight up non fat milk? Will it resolve?

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  • I have posted so many entries regarding this! My son grunted all the time. One doc told me it was a preemie thing, another told me it was just a newborn thing and yet another told me it was a reflux thing. We saw a GI doc and he seemed to think all his problems (grunting, not eating, etc) were due to gas. He wanted us to stop his Reglan immediately and finish the bottle of Axid and then stop it. Then my husband's ex-boss said that he had a child that used to grunt a lot. After researching and trying different things, they found that adding a little cereal in his bottles stopped the grunting. So, we asked our ped if we should try Enfamil AR Lipil - she said yes. Ever since, he hardly grunts at all and is taking his bottles better! You might want to try it!

Enfamil Ar Lipil Powder Formula

I used the AR Lipil on my son when he was a baby. Make sure the bottle is dry when you put the powder in. Also, I used Dr. Brown's bottles. They were very expensive, however, my son had a problem with gas, and they really helped. You can get them any where.