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US Art Supply 82 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set in Wooden Case with BONUS 20 additional pieces - Deluxe Art Set

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  • This photo is just a snippet of some of the art and craft supplies we have stored on our book shelf. On the very bottom shelf we store some kid’s games and toys such at the Wooden Hammer and Tac Set, puzzles, sight word cards, base ten blocks and dominoes.

    These labels are made from laminated coloured paper which I write on with a white board marker. I list all our art and craft supplies on these labels that are stored on each shelf and what are inside the boxes. This helps me to keep a record of what I have, anything new I have added or what I need to replace. As things change I can easily wipe away the labels and re-write on them with a white board marker.

  • This book shelf is only part of what we have in our collection of art and craft supplies, we also have a play dough toolbox, paint box and recycled household items stored in our study which are used for activities.

    When organising our art and craft supplies, I wanted to keep it simple and inexpensive. I have recycled and reused baskets, containers, boxes and jars I have found from around the house. When you start looking, it is amazing the things you will find that can be very useful to organise, store and tidy up art and craft supplies.

  • This is an awesome giveaway Janice. My favourite art and craft supply is pipecleaners. I can’t believe how many we go through in this house. They seem humble but my kids can make the most extraordinary things from them. They also work well in combinations with boxes – making hinges for castle doors and flags for fairy houses.

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If you have children, you know many of them have their own arts and crafts supplies. These are often separate from our own crafting supplies and require their own organization. Depending on the ages and stages of your children the types of supplies you have, how easily accessible they are, and how much space you have can greatly vary. For example, I have an almost 7 year old and 3 year old. While my 7 year old can easily handle using scissors, markers and glue by himself without much supervision, my 3 year old is the complete opposite. So, for now, we have many of our supplies out of reach with a parent’s help.