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Munchkin Easy-Close Extra Tall and Wide Metal Gate, Dark Grey

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  • Most baby products have a cute pink or yellow tint in them. Babies do not care about the color of their diaper cream or baby wash! All they want is zero irritation. More often than not, the color in baby baths, washes, and lotions is achieved by adding synthetic colorants, such as D&C Yellow 10 (Quinoline Yellow) or D&C Orange 4 (Acid Orange 7), considered to be potentially genotoxic substances.

    Babies love to be bathed. Bathing relaxes them and may soothe any minor skin irritation, especially if you keep bath time less than ten minutes. And the smell of a baby right out of the bath . . .mmm, it’s so yummy!

  • recommend bathing babies in plain water until they are six months old. We tried it, and our baby came out clean and good smelling. Newborns do not get sweaty or dirty except in the diaper area or if they spit up. You will need a foaming cleanser or a mild soap for cleaning the diaper area, though organic baby oil or organic virgin olive oil usually work just fine. If the water in your area is particularly hard, you can alternate water-only baths with foam or herbal baths. And use a mild cleanser to wash soiled cloth diapers.

    Conventional baby products are usually highly fragranced. These powdery scents are more appealing to moms than to babies, and manufacturers are in no hurry to remove the scents, simply because fragranced products usually sell better than unscented ones. Any synthetic fragrance, as we already know, is nothing but an irritation.

    Past Continuous
    I was babying
    you were babying
    he/she/it was babying
    we were babying
    you were babying
    they were babying

  • Future
    I will baby
    you will baby
    he/she/it will baby
    we will baby
    you will baby
    they will baby

    is a no-nonsense, pure, and unscented all purpose body wash and a shampoo that can also double as a facial cleanser for moms. Formulated with aloe vera, sugar-derived surfactants, and softening vitamin E and glycerin, this cleanser is very concentrated, so a little squirt goes a long way. Unlike many products by California Baby, this cleanser contains no paraben preservatives, so feel safe using it on your little green darling.

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Introduce a new companion: Give your baby an interesting plaything like a showy toy car or a pretty pink doll as their companion. See the smile on their face while playing with their pal.