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The Riddle of Babi Yar: The True Story Told by a Survivor of the Mass Murders in Kiev, 1941-1943

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  • Šincl said Babiš' tactic, of reading potentially embarrassing facts about him from a file marked with his name, was reminiscent of the tactics of the StB. , the first deputy chairman of the opposition party accused Babiš of using StB's practices. Babiš declined it.

    The rest of the events of , though majorly important to the characters and story elements Babi played quite a hand in setting up, are not important from Babi's perspective specifically. What eventually transpires is that the Venus Lighthouse is lit; as the Venus Beacon forms, an earthquake the lighthouse itself generates causes the half-constructed Babi Lighthouse to collapse, and that project is called off. With the bright light Venus Lighthouse now shines on its top being more than adequate to serve the need Babi had in mind, Iodem shows Isaac and his Adepts to Babi's Lemurian Ship in the secret harbor in Lalivero, and bestows upon them the ship's respective Black Orb. Isaac's party takes control of Babi's ship and sails out into the , pursuing their multiple objectives.

  • By the start of , Babi is now over 150 years old, and his stockpile of Lemurian Draught is nearly depleted. He has arrived at the conclusion that what he needs is for a great lighthouse to be built at the point of closest to the Sea of Time (in relative terms), so that his soldiers will be able to sail through the Sea of Time while keeping a straight course thanks to the bright light the structure would emit upon its top. This location turns out to be occupied by a set of ruins near the modern-day town of ; these ruins, which is connected to a long-lost -aligned culture, are viewed as consecrated ground by Laliverans. Babi has the working men of Lalivero begin constructing the tower, dubbed "", acting under the pretense that he is establishing a symbol of his everlasting political power while keeping the true reasons for its construction secret. (By this point, Tolbi has acquired the wealth to fund the project because it had become part of the merchant caravan route that is connected with the Angaran towns of and to the east.) Incidentally, Babi Lighthouse is being constructed relatively near the long-dormant , an ancient structure which Babi's scholars have long studied but yielded few results upon; if that were lit up through whatever arcane, mystic mechanisms it may contain, it would solve Babi's problem much more easily, but of course figuring out how to do so is out of the question, hence necessitating Babi Lighthouse's construction.

    Babi attempts to find a way to compensate for the likely case he will not find any Adepts that may use his ship to retrieve more Draught for him; it is common knowledge that , situated in the northwestern portion of , holds great secrets that Babi knows from his trip to Lemuria concern Alchemy the same way that Lemuria's spring did. So, years before the present, Babi sends out his favorite and most trusted scholar, Kraden - himself now an elderly man - on a journey to Mt. Aleph to study its secrets up close, in hopes he may discover something Babi can use. Kraden ends up moving into the town at the foot of Mt. Aleph, , where he would live up to the present day.

  • Babi then stole the entire stockpile of Lemurian Draught, and fled the isle by using the Psynergy he learned to take control of and steal one of the Lemurian Ships for himself; Lunpa, having been left behind, has since resided in Lemuria to the present day and age. Babi sailed back to Tolbi, his place of rulership, and immediately stored his Draught stockpile in the deepest part of a nearby cave called . (The reason this dark, monster-infested place was chosen was because it was just that; the monsters would keep trespassers out, but he could safely pass them by using his Cloak Ball to turn invisible in the shadows. Additionally, there happens to be some sort of man-made vault at the bottom of the cave constructed by "an ancient civilization, long since vanished", which Babi made use of to store his Draught.) By making routine trips to Altmiller in the years to come, Babi's life had its aging process slowed, and thus he was able to rule his city for many, many years.

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