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Baby Benefits (Billionaires And Babies Book 3)

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  • Even full-term babies can benefit: In a study published in the journal , researchers found that healthy, full-term babies who'd had kangaroo care slept more, fussed and cried less, and made fewer startled motions than those who went straight to the nursery.

    Baby wearing is incredibly helpful in integrating baby into your daily life. You can interact with your baby throughout the day, breastfeed frequently, and still play with an older child and accomplish adult tasks. Babies benefit from spending time in the rich learning environment of the adult world. Parents feel more confident and less isolated. Baby wearing also makes the world more baby-friendly. As Bill and Martha Sears explain:

  • How did you serve your dear little one garlic? Was it garlic soup or juice? How did your baby benefit from it? Tell us your story here. Leave a comment below.

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