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  • Baby Butterflys Connection, LLC is a networking service who’s focus is to expand the ability to work with licensed agencies/attorneys for placing children for adoption. That have the resources available to them to help me reach more prospective adoptive parent(s) hoping to build or expand their family through adoption.

    Baby Butterflys Connection, LLC is NOT a facilitator nor a licensed agency placing children for adoption. All available adoption opportunities advertised by Baby Butterflys Baby Butterflys Connection, LLC are referred to us from an agency/attorney that is licensed to place children for adoption. If a prospective adoptive parent(s) matches with a birthparent from the contracting agency/attorney, then the prospective adoptive parent(s) become the clients of the agency/attorney.

  • Baby Butterflys adheres to the uppermost standards of ethical practices in all of our processes and is devoted to protecting the privacy of all users of our Website. Our privacy policy is straightforward: Except as revealed below, we don't sell, barter, deliver, or rent your personal information to any organization or individual external of Baby Butterflys. One of the essential values we've tried to follow in the creation of this Website is that we inquire for no more than the necessary information required to provide the service(s) you've asked for. As a result, what information we collect and store depends more or less completely on how you decide to make use of our Website and our services.

    Baby Butterflys Connection, LLC DOES NOT provide legal advice. We do encourage you to seek legal advice from a professional knowledgeable in adoption within your state and the state of birth.









    Baby Butterfly



    A gorgeous baby girls cake with hand piped swirls and pearls and delicate sugar butterflies.




  • Baby Butterflys Connection, LLC IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ERRORS,OMMISSIONS OR CHANGES in the information supplied by the other sources. Baby Butterflys Connection, LLC makes every effort to continually update the information provided. We also understand that the actions that may result between birthparents and adoptive parents or agencies, attorney, adoptive parents and facilitators, THIS IS NOT THE RESPONSIBILTY OF Baby Butterflys Connection, LLC . We cannot be held responsible for birthparents, agency, and other resources actions.

The babies of butterflies are caterpillar eggs

I hope you’ll enjoy sewing this baby butterfly for your own baby or as a quick and easy handmade gift for your next baby shower. It’s sure to come in handy for any mom and baby on the go!