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Non-slip Baby Bath Mat for Children - Mildew/Mold Resistant, Anti-Microbial, Latex Free, 28" x 14" - Blue

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  • Baby bathtubs give parents a controlled environment for cleaning a wet, slippery baby. The angle of the tub helps free a parent's hands for washing.

    As all parents know, bathing a baby in an adult-sized tub is incredibly nerve-wracking. It’s slippery and hard to keep a hold on the child. That’s why baby bathtubs make the experience of bath time so much more manageable. There are a number of different options out there to choose from, such as foldable tubs, hard plastic tubs, sling inserts that hold infants in place, and of course, bubbling baby spas. No matter what option you choose it sure beats the kitchen sink. That being said, there are models that are made for putting right into your sink, if you find the height and water supply convenient. Most of the tubs are contoured for comfort and security, and a lot of them have a spongey interior. A note of safety: never leave your baby unattended in the tub. Even if the door bell rings, or your other child starts screaming, just scoop up your baby with a towel and bring them along.

  • I have what looks to be a baby bathtub that is galvanized and has a imprint of an anchor at the foot. It has legs on the bottom that keep it from tipping over, otherwise I might have thought it to be a cradle. Any inormation would be appreciated!

    A baby bathtub is one used for bathing infants, especially those not yet old enough to sit up on their own. These can be either a small, stand-alone bath that is filled with water from another source, or a device for supporting the baby that is placed in a standard bathtub. Many are designed to allow the baby to recline while keeping its head out of the water.

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    Like many top baby bathtubs, the comes with a transitional design that owners use throughout their baby's first 24 months. A with a headrest hooks onto the rim of the tub, offering parents a place to put newborns and young infants during bathing. Once the child grows bigger, parents can take off the sling and use the bathtub itself. Padded areas on the tub's edge allow adults to rest their arms comfortably bathing their little one.

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Bathing is a daily process of any baby from his or her first days. That’s why a baby bathtub is as important as a baby crib. Although bathtub designs aren’t so different from each other as cribs ones. Almost all of them are quite dull and primitive, but still some companies offer very original and creative bathtubs. We’ve tried to gather the most interesting models. All presented baths are cool, eco-friendly and functional. You could find, for example, very practical and space-saving baby bathtubs, which allow to bath a baby right in a sink. Besides there are also foldable models among them which are also great for small spaces. If your space aren’t at a premium then you could be interested by the original idea to combine a bath sink with a baby bathtub and a changing table, which is also very practical. We hope you find the right bath for your baby.