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  • Just had a little baby boy and we want to try and start potty training a lot earlier than we did with our previous three boys… We’ve always wanted to try a Baby Bjorn potty, but never got a chance. I do believe it is time.

    The Baby Bjorn potty chair comes in a lot of great colors that will accent any home. That seems like a strange thing to say about a potty chair but if you can match your bathroom decor, why not? I chose the grey which is a really nice, sleek color.

  • The BabyBjorn Potty Chair helps your child graduate from the diaper stage. The potty chair is robust and rests firmly on the floor. The high backrest and round, ergonomic lines maximise sitting comfort, even for longer periods of time. The inner potty is easy to empty and clean, and the splashguard prevents spills. As with all our plastic products, it is made of recyclable, PVC-free plastic.

    Here are a few things to add to your list: napkins and a grocery bag. What I do when I’m potty training a kid is put napkins in a plastic grocery bag (for absorption) and wrap the bag over the baby bjorn potty. That way, when they’re done “going” you can just throw the bag away and the potty stays clean. This is especially helpful when they have to go #2.

    Nice and comfy for your child 
    The BABYBJORN Smart Potty is nice and comfy for your child, thanks to its ergonomic design and soft lines.

    Practical for you
    The BABYBJORN Smart Potty is the perfect combination of function and convenience, and is ideal for smaller bathrooms. It takes very little space and is easy to take with you.

    Easy to keep clean
    The sturdy splashguard ensures that nothing lands outside the potty. The inner potty makes it simple to empty and clean.

  • K from Austin, TX              February 1st, 2010
    I have had no problems with this chair and my 2.5 year old is comfortable sitting on it. However, she seems to find the Baby Bjorn smaller potty, the one that is all one piece, a more natural position for "going." She did not actually use this potty until she was already used to going in the smaller one; then she used this a couple of times, and then asked to go on the big grown-up toilet with the potty seat ring on it. If I could do it all again, I would have just gotten the tiny Baby bjorn potty and spent the money on the really nice Baby Bjorn Toilet Trainer
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    […] so if you can swing it, try one of each to see which one your child prefers. I really like the Baby Bjorn potty seat if you go that route. It’s comfortable and very simple to take apart and clean when needed. […]

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We found toilet training a little tricky at first, so we decided to introduce reward stickers for Baby to adorn her new Potty Chair. It wasn’t long before Baby had her first successful pee on the Potty Chair! This was met with many cheers of “hooray, yippee” from Mum and Dad and of course a sticker for her to put on her BabyBjorn Potty Chair. The high back of the Potty Chair is now covered in a collage of stickers, each one marking her achievements to date.