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  • I also made a simple clothing checklist too. Babies need a few outfits to get started, but they outgrow things so quickly. Download your baby essentials checklists for ideas to outfit your baby and to get them everything they need!

    With this in mind, you might be surprised by how few baby items you really need during the first three months. So aim your barcode scanners in the right direction with my Baby Essentials Checklist, a guide for thrifty parents just interested in the baby basics.

  • New born baby essentials checklist is the list of essentials required to be taken for the new born baby. It is necessary to keep everything handy before the arrival of the new baby. The basic requirements for the baby should be kept in mind and purchased.

    Facing parenthood can be a great time of insecurity for anyone, particularly for new parents. If you correctly prepare for your baby’s arrival during pregnancy, it can help to ease the change after your baby is born. Having all of the necessary supplies on hand before you bring your baby home is a smart decision. Everybody’s needs are varied, so this baby essentials checklist is a basic guideline to the most important general items you will need to bring your baby home.

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    1. Going to Hospital.
      • Below is a list of items to have ready in your diaper bag when you go to the hospital.
      • Disposable underwear for you.
      • Maternity pads and bra.
      • Special breast pads and nipple cream (if you plan for baby breastfeeding).
      • Deodorant, soap and shampoo.
      • Your favorite face creams.
      • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
      • Cell phone with charger.
      • Some cash.
      • Your favorite books and magazines.
      • A non-perishable snack and a bottle of drink.
    2. Going from Hospital.
      • When your baby is still in the unit of the newborn, you need to follow a checklist of essentials for hospital to make sure your newborn has everything required. Use the following checklist:
      • A baby crib with a changing mat and at least 3 sets of sheets.
      • At least 2 sets of clothes for your baby.
      • Soft towels.
      • Wet wipes for newborns.
      • Baby hat.
      • Baby cream and lotion.
      • Special shampoo and soap for newborns.
      • Disposable nappies.
      • A baby bath (before giving a bath for your baby, be sure you get necessary advice from your child’s pediatrician).
      • If it’s wintertime, be sure you get necessary advice on essentials for winter from the pediatrician.
    3. At Home.
      • When you arrive from the hospital, you need to take care of your baby’s room and cradle.
      • Make sure the baby’s room is equipped with an effective means of heating.
      • Make sure you have sterilization equipment for baby feeding.
      • Think of what else you may need to make your baby feel comfortable and healthy. Then create a list of essentials to buy and ask someone (your husband, relatives, friends) to purchase all the items in this list.
      • Assign a date when you will wet the baby's head.
    4. Baby Travel Checklist.
      • If you are going to travel with your child, you’ll need to complete a checklist of things your baby will need during the travel. Follow the given below baby essentials pack checklist to check all necessary items.
      • Cloth nappies.
      • Baby wipes.
      • Baby nappy bags.
      • Baby essentials bibs...

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  • A useful guide is required for parents waiting for their new baby. This Baby Essentials Checklist offers a series of tips that can help parents take care of their child in the hospital, at home and while travelling.

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