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Recent studies are now linking baby formula to diabetes, as well as obesity and other illnesses.

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  • Many of these new types of baby formulas are also available in store brand baby formulas, such as Bright Beginnings (CVS) and Parent's Choice (Walmart), which -- like many store brand baby formulas -- are made by PBM Nutritionals.

    Very few experts will tell you that you can't save money by choosing a less expensive store brand formula over the latest name brand formula. Keep in the mind that you should never try to save money by diluting baby formula. Whichever baby formula you buy, always carefully follow the mixing instructions.

  • “Excessive food AGEs, through both maternal blood transmission and baby formula, could together significantly increase children’s risk for diseases such as diabetes from a very young age.”

    Breast feeding was highly encouraged in the study. Those not breastfeeding would be given either regular baby formula or a formula where the proteins had been broken down, or .

    Baby Formula Cost Comparisons
    Brand/Product Cost/Ounce Cost/Year Avg. 1st Year Savings
    Nourishing Traditions .10 $953.89
    Earth’s Best Organic with Iron .17 $1673.93 $720.05
    Vermont Organics .15 $1442.97 $489.08
    Bright Beginnings Organic .13 $1238.56 $284.67
    Similac Organic Infant .16 $1576.85 $622.96
    Enfamil Premium Newborn .15 $1413.41 $459.52

  • 1) Typical cow’s milk baby formula increased the incidence of autoantibodies which are strongly linked to Type 1 Diabetes. Again, Baby Formula and diabetes are linked.

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If you wish to make homemade baby formula for your infant, you should be aware of all the possible nutritional implications. You should consult with your pediatrician and a pediatric nutritionist. You must be absolutely certain that the homemade baby formula that you make will not endanger the health and growth of your baby.