We prefer the old fashioned glass baby rectal thermometer.

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  • Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer - okay so I know the idea of doing a rectal temperature is beyond eww and unpleasant sounding. But rechecking a high temp with a rectal thermometer is important(this is coming from a Pedi nurse). Trust me you want one.

    Every parent dreads waking up in the night with a sick baby. As most parents know, taking a squirming baby's temperature can be challenging. But it's one of the most important tools mothers and doctors have to determine if a baby has an illness or infection. The best and most accurate method for the squirming baby is to take your baby's temperature rectally. We prefer the old fashioned glass baby rectal thermometer. This one is beefy and 5" long for larger babies. They are inexpensive, low maintenance and don't contribute exhausted batteries or other electronic discards. We recommend taking large babies tempertures at least every week and anytime they are fussy.

  • The Vicks V934 baby rectal thermometer is a smash hit with users, who love its soft, flexible, short tip. The egg-shaped base of the thermometer fits comfortably in your hand and eliminates any risk of accidentally inserting the probe too far; most parents say their child hardly even notices it's there. This is the thermometer that users turn to when they're frustrated by inconsistencies from other models, and it's backed by an impressive lifetime guarantee.

    Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer’s design makes rectal temperature-taking quick, accurate and comfortable for your baby. It features an ergonomic, compact size; a guard against over-insertion; a flexible tip; and a large backlit LCD positioned on the side for easy viewing. The thermometer only requires one hand to operate, so you can use the other hand to soothe your infant. Ideal for ages infant to 2 years old.

  • Both of my daughters register a higher temp (AND more accurate) with a rectal thermometer. Whenever I take my daughters to the pediatrician I always ask for their temperature to be taken rectally. I know it is not the most pleasant, but any baby rectal thermometer you buy will only go in slightly. If you can preoccupy your baby with a toy or a bottle, she will be okay, and you should feel confident knowing that you are getting the best read.

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