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At present, there is no Breaking Bad Lego videogame. So animator Brian Anderson made one. Sort of.

LEGO Movie Bad Cop Fun Pack - LEGO Dimensions

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  • My fiance’s sister’s boyfriend Lamott shares my love for the show. He had recently acquired a limited edition Breaking Bad Lego set of the “super meth lab”. He asked me to take some shots of it for him. The results are as follows…
    Cool huh?

    If you’re still reeling from the latest episode of Breaking Bad and need something to fill your time before the next explosive installment, consider wasting some of your free time playing with this Breaking Bad LEGO Playset. We get that you probably aren’t going to drop $250 to buy it, but, in the words of David Wooderson, it’d be a lot cooler if you did. The lab playset comes complete with Minifigs, serious attention to detail, and over 500 parts. Meth not included.

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