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Information and reviews on the best balance bikes for toddlers and kids for 2013 - 2014.
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  • The glide bike can trace its historical parentage to the very first (in terms of agreed documentation) bike ever created. This bike was known as the Laumaschine (Running Machine), more commonly referred to as the Hobby Horse in the English speaking world, and was invented by, one brave advocate of modern democracy, Baron Karl Von Drais in 1817. As a side note, there are some huge physical differences to the glide bike as compared to the hobby horse. Comparatively, balance bikes for toddlers have more in common with a later adaption of the hobby horse developed by Briton Dennis Johnson. Johnson’s version was much easier to steer, as such safer, and substantially lighter. Much in the same manner that balance bikes for kids are gaining huge traction today, hobby horses swept over Europe like a wild fire back in its hay day. Hopefully, unlike the fate of the hobby horse and its truly visionary inventor, the best balance bike for toddlers will continue to gain traction in the coming decades.

    However, there is one caveat to the above principle. People tend to be afraid to both balance and move forward, at seemingly alarming speeds, on just two wheels. This fear understandably complicates the learning process and tends to lead to, often both painful and funny, mistakes. And this is what truly makes the balance bike for two year olds such a wonderful innovation (or re-innovation if we are to be historically pedantic). Balance bikes for toddlers not only lack the extra wheels of tricycles and bikes with training wheels, but, additionally lack pedals. They are moved by an odd striding / sitting combination that gives the effect of “gliding”. As odd as this may seem it actually does provide improved safety for the rider by tremendously increasing how much control in velocity the rider has, especially for children who cannot build as much speed without pedals. Furthermore, it also eliminates problems in balancing that riders, again especially young children, tend to experience when learning.

  • By compelling the rider (referred to as child from here on out) to frequently have at least one foot on the ground the act of riding a best balance bike feels more like aided walking or running, depending on speed. This is why the best balance bike is suitable for children as young as two and why their precursor, the hobby horse, was called a running machine by its inventor. Once a child can walk and even run comfortably, then they are able to safely operate a balance bike. In this way balance bikes for toddlers act as a learning medium between natural human acts of locomotion, like jogging, and riding a bike.

    So those are my reasons that I think the Vilano 2 in 1 Balance Bike is the BEST balance bike for toddlers! If you’re thinking about a balance bike for your little one this year then ….it comes in a very discreet box (as long as your child can’t read yet 😉 ) and will make the perfect Holiday gift this year!

  • As recently there are a few of the best balance bike that has made the fine selections for the kids in terms of quality. All of these are from the major brands which are amongst the best in the world for Bikes and relate accessories. There are some fascinating extra inputs from these manufacturers that have been directed for better reserve for the comfort and development in kids. Though, some of the Balance Bikes for Toddlers in the recent markets are worth mentioning as they made it on the balance bike review for 2016.

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You may know we’re big fans of here, from that grows with your child, to Christina’s top pick, which transforms from balance bike into a mini-scooters to grow with your child. Now there’s one tailor-made for the youngest biking enthusiasts, and get this: this awesome first balance bike for toddlers is under $50.