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Solid Bamboo Vertical Post

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  • Our geese love the bamboo fence posts. We love using bamboo too. Bamboo doesn’t stratch us as we work with it like metal does! We first discovered the geese love bamboo when we planted some in their zone. We also came up with the solution to use Bamboo posts when we ran out of metal posts and our new car isn’t as big as the old car so we couldn’t get posts at the harware store without emptying the car boot as we drove. So, we tried bamboo and cut the side branches for the geese to tuck into. The next time we put bamboo in to the fence we simply bent the side pieces to weave it through the fence and let the geese serve themselves. Win/win.

    Ibu Irma asked me to go around school and take photos of students that show a particular quality in their activity and prove that the GS students are awesome! The Ultimate bamboo post …

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    This handmade bamboo fence shows what happens to this material in the rainy Northwest. The vivid original color can, over time and under perpetually moist, shady conditions, weather to this more neutral warm gray tone. This is a simple design supported by timber 4x4s, and thinner bamboo posts in between, making a far better visual screen than a barrier fence. The horizontal alignment of the rods is unique and shows it was made by hand and does not utilize modern wire connected rolled stock.

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  • Figure 6 - Bamboo fence posts

    Figure 7 - Bamboo 1/2 slats

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