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  • This Sweet Roses fridge had been in an attic and it has yellowed with age and heat. I know that originally the fridge was white, and inside there is some light pink detailing. The great thing about this Barbie fridge is that it’s quite a bit deeper than the current barbie fridges on the market, which means it can hold more cute re-ment food! But more importantly this Barbie Fridge from the 80s is more to scale than the newer fridges, meaning when Pullip goes to open the top freezer, she will actually be looking into the freezer and not looking at the top of the fridge. This old fridge is also much better put together as well, for example the shelves inside are nice and level and don’t sag like the latest fridge does. XP

    One of my aunts is an antique dealer and knowing I was trying to put together a playscale dollhouse, she kept an eye out for old dollhouse furniture for me and found some of the Barbie Sweet Roses furniture from 1987. She actually found more than the fridge for me, there is also a kitchen set, a cabinet, sofa, chairs and a few other things, most of which are from the Sweet Roses collection. Anyway I decided to tackle the fridge first as I have been wanting a new fridge since I kinda mucked up the repaint of the hot pink barbie fridge I had.

  • Zazzle's Barbie refrigerator magnets are a great way to add some fun personality to your home or office. Browse through the several shape and size choices we offer, along with all of the wonderful images and photos our designer community has put together. With so many different possible combinations of size, shape, and design you have an almost endless assortment of Barbie fridge magnets to shop through! Get some for yourself, or purchase a bunch as fun gifts for friends and family.

    Now children can express their own signature style, choosing how they want their home to look and the stories they want to tell. This set includes a fabulous refrigerator and amazing accessories needed to extend storytelling into authentic and engaging play. The Barbie Fridge Fun Set keeps everything doll-icious and tasty - pull open its double doors to reveal a pullout tray and shelves that hold the carton of eggs and two pitchers, also included!

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