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Hot Wheels The Dark Knight Bat-Pod 1:50 Scale Die Cast Vehicle

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  • Later, she arrives just in time to kill Bane using the cannons on the Batpod. Together she and Batman chase after Talia al Ghul, the true mastermind behind everything. Selina takes care of vehicles on land while Batman, in The Bat, focuses on driving Talia off the road. After Batman and Catwoman stop Talia and the League of Shadows the Batpod is not seen again.

    Aside from dropping in on enemies and using the Bat Cape, you’ll be able to ride in several different Bat Mobiles! Some of our Batman games feature different eras of the Caped Crusader, giving you the opportunity to choose your favorite Bat Suit and style. You can take on newer Batman enemies, too, such as Mr. Freeze, and even ride the brand new Bat Pod motorcycle! Take control in 3D and 2D capers, racing through levels and fighting any enemies that get in the way of the Dark Knight. With so many challenges available, you’ll think you’re Bruce Wayne himself!

  • The Batcycle, Batblade or Batpod is the fictional personal of the . In the comic book universe, Batman's personal Batcycle is a modified street-bike with a 786 cc liquid-cooled . It contains a computer-controlled and wind-guard.

    The Batcycle is known as the Batpod for (2008) and (2012). The bike has 20" front and rear tires and is powered by a high-performance, water-cooled, single-cylinder engine - geared toward the lower end for faster acceleration and with no exhaust pipes. The exhaust is routed through the hollow steel/aluminum/magnesium tubing used for the frame of the bike. The Batpod is steered by the shoulders instead of hands, and the rider's arms are protected by shields. The two foot pegs are set 3½ feet apart on either side of the tank, which the rider lies on, belly down. The engine noise was designed around the , for which sound effects came, in part, from the sound of the 's electric motor. The Batpod ejects out of the 's front end, with the Tumbler's front wheels becoming the Batpod's front and rear wheels. Because the Tumbler is ordered to , the Batpod allows Batman to continue his pursuit. For the film, the bike is armed with grappling hooks, cannons, and machine guns. Six models were constructed for the film's production to anticipate some of them crashing. One action sequence in the film shows the wheels rolling against their normal , seemingly for added stability in sharp turns or other maneuvers. This also allows for instant changes in direction - if the driver approaches a wall, the Batpod's central frame will rotate to keep the driver upright (the inspiration for this useful chassis feature may well have been the innovative wheel configuration on a into omnidirectionally mobile chasses). The Batpod's chassis also elongates, allowing the rider to pass under low-hanging obstacles, as when Batman slaloms underneath a tractor trailer the Joker is driving. The term "Batpod" is mentioned by only once in the movie.

    General Information
    Official name: Batpod
    Appearances: The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight Rises
    Designed by: Nathan Crowley
    Christopher Nolan
    Type: Escape vehicle
    Used by: Batman

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    The Batpod is used again in (2012). At first, it serves as Batman's primary vehicle. Later, uses the Batpod during the final battle against 's forces for the fate of Gotham. Batman uses the to fight Bane's stolen Tumblers from the air while Selina uses the Batpod to open a tunnel to allow Gotham civilians to escape, to shoot Bane, and to destroy at least two of Bane's Tumblers while tracking the nuclear bomb Bane and intended to use to destroy the city. During filming on August 9, 2011, a stunt performer collided with an IMAX camera while filming a chase scene involving Kyle's Batpod.

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Every motorcycle starts with a frame. The Batpod is unique in how it offsets its wheel hubs and uses that structure to house underslung steering and hidden drive components. The big challenge in building the frame is getting everything welded at the proper angles so the bike tracks straight and true, and so the wheels aren't sitting at different camber angles relative to each other.