There are 3 components to the 8 foot beadboard kit;

I ‘like’ Paper Beads on FB, but I WOULD REALLY LIKE to win the Paper Bead Kit Giveaway….

Melissa & Doug Bead Set Bundle, 2-Pack

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  • The Bead Making Kit provides all the essential tools needed to start making beautiful beads! Includes all the tools you need from start to finish! Bonus storage pouch is perfect for on the go crafters!

    Once kids are on a roll with the Roll Paper Bead Kit from Alex Toys, they will have tons of great jewelry to wear or give as gifts! This unique jewelry-making kit allows kids to roll pretty paper to make cool looking "beads" to accentuate their jewelry designs. The kit includes 250 pre-cut paper sheets in 36 exciting patterns, a special rolling tool, seed beads, a glue stick, string, elastic, a beading needle, and simple instructions for making beautiful jewelry that is completely unique positively paper-rific! Providing a simple way for kids to make their own beads for wonderful jewelry, this kit will keep the good craft times rollin' right along!

  • These are colours that people tend not to choose, because they are bold, odd, unusual… cobalt blue, mustard yellow, bold orange, seafoam green. Coral, and violet, and a lovely blue mix that was tucked into the larger bead kits that went out in September. Two radically different kinds of size 11 rounds, one warm and tight, one cool and plump.

    If there’s been one major impact of nail blogging on how I feel about polish it’s been my desire to try nail art. Not that I’ve really done much, but I am definitely interested in trying it. I figure I should start with something basic, so I was excited to try out the Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Bead Kit*.

    Bead Box Kits & Alpha Bead Kit My Big Alphabet
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    Clasp, tools, thread and needles are not provided, unless stated otherwise. ( as most jewelry makers already have them or you can also purchase them here )
    Nicely packed in a creative, thoughtful way. Bead Kits are great for gifts, parties, group gatherings – introduce your friends and family to jewelry making, bead weaving or working with seed beads ! Create Beautiful Jewelry !

Perler Minions Fused Bead Kit Characters

Plus, both experienced and novice beaders will be delighted with the amazing variety of beads and findings that guarantee each project from Annie's Simply Beads Kit-of-the-Month Club will be your own beaded work of art (and a success!).