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  • Air-O-Swiss Cool Mist Humidifier: Air-O-Swiss is a dual brand humidifier producing a high speed vibration. It can change the mist based on your requirements whether cool or warm you prefer. It may humidify a place up to 600 sq. feet, almost 55 sq. meters. You are able to directly observe the current humidity level of the room. Thus you can use this best humidifier for infant cold in your residence.

    Cool winter air also brings dry winter air. Since cold air doesn’t hold moisture as well especially when heated, the humidity in the air drops, leaving little ones susceptible to dry throats, itchy eyes, stuffy noses and even . One of the best ways to combat low humidity in the house is with a humidifier. Here are some of our picks for best humidifier for infants and babies.

The 5 Best Baby Nursery Humidifiers