Intex Rainbow Ring Pool: Best Inflatable Pool for Kids

Ring Pool: Best Inflatable Pool for Kids | Best Above Ground Pools

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  • One thing I have learned from buying the best inflatable swimming pool for kids is that it is also the best ball pit for anyone and this is what this Intex inflatable pool can do for you. If you have a toddler who cannot swim yet, let them play ball pit in this 48″ X 10″ inflatable pool and when they are old enough to go on swimming, then fill it water and let them swim. If you will use this Intex inflatable pool as a ball pit, it can have up to 150+ balls.

    If you are looking for a quality inflatable pool that is made of materials to last, then go for an Intex designed kiddie pool with summer sunset glow for a price of $16.20. This inflatable pool from Intex measures 12 58″ x 13″ and has a 12-inch thick wall. The wall is made of three colored rings to make it more attractive to kids so if you have a little one that is afraid of swimming, this one can do the trick for them. With its price, what do customers have to say about it? Most users agree that this is durable enough and lasted for a few summers until their little ones are old enough and stopped using inflatable pools for summer. Other users also used it as ball pit and it can contain up to 400+ balls. With these features, you can indeed have the best inflatable swimming pool for kids plus more.

  • One of the good feedbacks that we had on this inflatable pool from Intex is the fact that is durable enough to last 3 years despite constant use as a ball pit then as a swimming pool. Some also praised the fast and immediate response from Intex when they received a defective set of Inflatable Stars Kiddie 2 Ring Circles Swimming Pool by Intex. Well, quality product and good customer service cannot be beaten really hence this is one of my best inflatable swimming pools for kids.

    If you are looking for the best inflatable swimming pool for kids for your little one, it doesn’t necessarily mean looking for a small kiddie pool but rather you can look for a big one that can fit dad and mom and the kids. What would make a swimming experience better than doing it with the entire family!

  • Buying the best inflatable swimming pool for kids is not an easy task especially since there are too many options in the market today. As a parent, you always want the best and when it comes to kids, what I normally do is bring my kids with me so they can give me their options. After giving me their best choices, I start checking facts about each product then go for the best base on reviews and customer feedback. The value for money is very important but I also consider the fact that it is my kids’ happiness on the line too.

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A regular inflatable pool costs less than $10 and that is made of a respectable material already. If you are looking for a way to keep your baby engaged while taking a bath or you just want to give him a good bath time every day, then a $10 inflatable pool can be the best inflatable swimming pool for your kids. If you want an inflatable pool with more features such as a slide or a sprayer, spending a few more dollars up to $40 can be your main consideration. So far, most of the popular inflatable pools we have are from Intex, the top producer if inflatable products such as inflatable boats and inflatable pools.