Hah! No problem! Was it your first time on the BIG piano?

Yay! You're now following big piano in your .

Everyone remembers the classic scene in Big when Tom Hanks’ Josh Baskin plays “Chopsticks” on the Big Piano at FAO Schwarz.

Rhode Island Novelty Giant 100" Electronic Floor Mat Keyboard

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  • Big Piano™ produces melodic tones and each key lights up as you move over the 2 octave, 4-octave or 6-octave keyboard. Try your skills playing a song or learning one. You can switch from harmonic piano tones to a variety of other instruments such as grand piano, organ, harpsichord, drums, xylophone, synthesizer, harp and many more.

    Foot tapping fun for all the team, the Big Piano is highly entertaining, an impressive visual and a great interactive team event which can be set up anywhere.

  • Big Piano™ "Maestro" is a revolutionary concept of teaching music in a fun and playful way. The player literally follows step by step (lighted key by lighted key) the sequence of the notes in the chosen song or sonata.

    Tap out a tune on the same big walking piano Academy Award-winner Tom Hanks danced on in the hit movie, "big". The Walking Piano is 16 feet long, 3 feet wide and actually plays and lights up as you dance!

  • FAO Schwarz New York, BIG Piano Dancers in HD from 10-3-09

    Intro and Welcome -- Song- Ya'll Ready for This?
    Song 1- at - Chopsticks
    Song 2- at - Heart and Soul
    Song 3- at - Fur Elise
    Song 4- at - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2


• Affordability -– Previously the big piano or walking piano was so expensive only museums or large institutions could afford one. ($250,000.00 at FAO Schwartz in NYC). Monster Piano offers a more affordable floor piano easily operated by a wireless remote