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Lego Airbus A380: Biggest Lego Airplane in the World

Lego Technic Cargo Plane (42025)

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  • TAG : This lego plane is a Boeing 747 type
  • First up is Singapore Airlines. It has one of the biggest Lego airplane in the world with the A380. The aircraft is made at a 1:25 scale and has the dimension of 9.5-foot long, 10.5-foot wingspan, 3.2-foot tall. The Lego professional team used over 75,000 pieces of bricks (~220 pounds (100kg)) and 600 hours to complete the project. The mega aircraft was on display at the Legoland in Billund Resort in Denmark.

    While the Lego Airbus A380 at Legoland is the biggest Lego aeroplane out there, this one is much cooler. To start with, there are motherf*cking snakes inside, along with five other movie scenes. And then, it’s computer-controlled, using a touchscreen.

  • Prepared to be amazed, the Airbus A380 is the largest passenger in the and what do you get when you try to translate that into Lego: The biggest Lego plane in the ! As the short below shows, the Lego plane has been built on a 1:25 scale, it’s dimensions are: 9.5-foot long, 10.5-foot wingspam, 3.2-foot tall, altogther the 75,000 pieces weigh in at 220 pounds! Just how do these people do it? I’m not too sure, it would be great if there was a showing this, but all I know is that it even took these Lego specialists over 600 hours to assemble!

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