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BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original, Black, Cotton

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  • Baby Bjorn make everyday life easier for parents and children by developing products of outstanding quality, safety and style. The Baby Bjorn Active Baby Carrier keeps that important closeness between you and your baby while leaving your hands free. The baby carrier gives maximum carrying comfort and is airy and comfortable for you both. The BabyBjorn Active Baby Carrier is a sturdy baby carrier designed to carry heavier children for longer. The comfortable lumbar support and the wide, padded shoulder straps provides an even weight distribution. The Active Baby Carrier provides excellent support for your little child's back and head, making sure their legs and arms are in a physiologically correct position.

    For this post, I tried to breastfeed my 11 month old this week in the Baby Bjorn Active carrier and it worked out fine, I just had to loosen the straps a little. I do not know if it is as easy to breastfeed an infant in this carrier.

  • The Active infant carrier adjusts to fit your child up to 25 lbs (about 2 1/2 years). Suggested modifications based on weight and height are enclosed with the Carrier. The Active carrier is easy to adjust on your own - handy when its just you and the kid. Color coded latches simplify putting on and taking off the carrier. Another perk is that you can easily move a sleeping child from carrier to crib without disturbing her. The Baby Bjorn Active carrier's design makes it easy to assemble, to adjust, and to wear.

    The Baby Bjorn Active Carrier lets you stay active and keep your newborn close to you where he'll feel safe, warm and happy. Your newborn rides in the Active carrier facing you. Adjustable head support keeps his head and neck stable. Leg straps reduce the size of leg openings (they should always be used for babies under ten pounds). Once your baby is able to hold his head up on his own, he is ready to be forward facing (just fold the neck support down).

  • Hello, I've just got a second-hand Baby Bjorn Active carrier, and whilst there are diagrams on the carrier itself I don't have the manual.

    I'm probably being over cautious but does anyone who has this carrier either have a manual, or could advise whether there is anything over and above the sewn-in pictures that I need to keep baby safe?

    Many thanks

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I absolutely loved the Babybjorn active carrier. I used it with my first son who hated to be put down and away from me for any length of time. With my last baby I found it really useful whilst out and about allowing me two hands free to look after my toddler. The baby carrier is comfy,soft but structured enough to keep its shape wash after wash. If you want to purchase one carrier it's got to be this one as great value for money and really easy to use and wear!