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Nintendo DS Lite Cobalt / Black

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  • The GBA slot has undergone some slight changes. In place of an empty cartridge slot, Nintendo includes a plastic cover that looks like a half-size GBA game. While it seems like it'll often be lost (think battery covers), it looks pretty sleek and serves to obscure one of the few design flaws of the DS Lite: GBA games stick out of the cartridge slot about a half an inch, whereas the original DS fit the cartridges perfectly. But it doesn't impede gameplay in the slightest, and it's not the ugliest-looking setup. And considering that the DS is backward compatible with hundreds of , it's a small price to pay. A bigger beef with the DS Lite is that its high-gloss finish is a magnet for fingerprints, especially the darker-colored models. Our import navy blue DS Lite was constantly smudged, so Nintendo's failure to include even a rudimentary cleaning cloth or carrying case is notable. On the plus side, the clamshell design means the DS Lite travels well, limiting the scratches and marks to the exterior while the two screens remain fully protected.

    Nintendo DS Lite Official Nintendo System with Brand New Shell Modding

    Professionally Restored Units With Brand New Case Molding

    Product Features:

    Dual screen, Mirror, Touch screen and shell is Brand new

    Excellent Working Condition

    Like every system we sell, this system has been CLEANED, TESTED, and is GUARANTEED to work!

    The DS Lite system is a region free device, it can plays all Nintendo DS Lite games and Gameboy Advance Games

    Ice Blue Case DS Lite in GREAT condition !

    This set includes the following
    1 x Ice Blue DS Lite Handheld System
    1 x AC Power Adapter New
    1 x Card 90 Games Free
    1 x Protection Screen Free
    1 x Stylus New
    1 x Battery New

    180 Days Warranty from the day customer receives the package.

  • Check out this tiny papercraft model of an ice blue Nintendo DS Lite created by a really dedicated (and really patient) gaming fan. Even though it’s only slightly larger than a paper clip, this mini DS Lite features an a amazing amount of detail.

    The black and blue DS lite (or Cobalt/Black as Nintendo has dubbed it) features a black base, blue folding top, and black stylus. It joins the current available colors , , , and .

  • There isn't much one can say about yet another new DS Lite color, but that's a pretty snazzy-looking unit. I'm not sure if I'm willing to give up my enamel blue DS Lite, but it's tempting.

JPN Commercial Blue Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo have done it again with a second new release in one week to a carefully targeted segment of game players. The Nintendo DS Lite Limited Edition Ice Blue with Brain Age is clearly aimed at an audience interested in calm intellectual stimulation rather than the usual combat style game.

For those who need a break from the running, jumping, and general mayhem of a Super Mario game, Nintendo have brought out another limited edition bundle in the form of Ice Blue Nintendo DS Lite. Needless to say, it looks really 'cool' and will be widely welcomed by those feeling a little jaded by the endless demands of slaughtering demons, monsters and sundry foes.

This version of the Nintendo DS Lite extends the range of colors available with an icy, almost metallic hue. Clearly gender neutral, the Ice Blue console will appeal to both sexes, across all age ranges. From a marketing standpoint, it looks like a good choice. Moreover, the hue is likely to have special appeal to those wanting a calm activity and have little need to express vengeful wrath.

The game which is included - Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! - has been inspired by the research of a prominent Japanese neuroscientist, and provides a variety of mental activities in the form of mini games. For instance, these include simple yet challenging math problems, picture drawing, counting, and observation games.

Brain Age requires you to take an initial test to determine your 'brain age' and your score is expected to drop as you participate in the activities offered. Your result can be compared with those of others if you don't mind competition and being surpassed by 10 yr olds!

Those who especially enjoy competition can play up to 16 opponents to see who is able to solve problems the fastest.

The console itself will give up to 19 hours of continuous game play on one charge. As well, it has the highly regarded extra bright dual LCD screens, which offer crisp colors with good contrast, as well as a touch screen.

Like others in the DS Lite family, the Ice Blue Nintendo DS Lite has the standard features, which include very impressive 3D rendered graphics, stereo sound, and the ability to play a wide assortment of portable games from any genre. Using this product with a headset and microphone opens up many possibilities to chat over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to an international audience, as well as use voice control over games.

The Nintendo DS Lite Limited Edition Ice Blue with Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! And Carrying Case Bundle is a welcome addition to the DS Lite family and will be especially welcomed by a large segment of the market. It looks like another winner from Nintendo!