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Campbell's Abc Soup Board Game by Fisher-Price

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  • Your getting stuck on the models part. Boardgames are priced on other aspects as well. The game is pretty damn funny. I’ll happily pay 60 for a boardgame where every khorne model I have can be used and has multiple replay value.

    Go look at some other boardgame prices. Nowhere would you get away with charging $60 for 4 figures and some cardboard. The only people to whom this would look like a good deal are people already deep into their cups of GW coolaid.

  • Milton Bradley released 5 games in the 1960's with military themes. They named them the 'Ameritcan Heritage Series' games. Due to their limited production and heavy demand for Americana, collectors have been gobbling up each of the 6 releases in this series at fairly high boardgame prices. The sixth game came out in the 1970's. In this guide, we'll review all six, provide a pictorial graphic and give you an approximation of what each game is worth in an Ebay Auction setting.

    Space board games give a lot of players a vastly different experience in gaming than you would find in a more traditional game. With many featuring advanced technology, space battle, and exploration in the new frontier, these space board games can be fun for anyone. Check out a couple of BoardGamePrices’ favorite space board games and let us know what you think. See any you like?

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