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Zadey in her Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby

Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby

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  • As I was saying, this was first purchased for Zadey. And I spent several weeks researching play gyms for her. Not only did the Bounce Bounce Baby offer the type of entertainment I was looking for, for her, but it also offered it at an exceptional value.

    Joel Flethcer - Bounce Baby
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  • Times have changed, of course, and toys have evolved. And though the boys do not have a Bounce Bounce Baby as detailed as Zadey’s was, or the pattern, I still could not wait to get my hands on one for them! I seriously counted down the time with excitement to expand on their toys by making this purchase.

    So, if you are looking for a baby bouncer jumper that is safe, fun, and usable for a long period of time, I’d highly recommend this for you. You can , and check what they’ve said about this baby bouncer. And if I have a baby, I’d rather buy this now ‘cos he can use it for several months.

    Bounce Bounce Baby Activity Zone - Pink
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  • Seat spins 360° for full access to toys. 3 height adjustment allows platform to grow with baby. Unique bungee jumping platform. Do you want to buy a toy? This Bounce Bounce Baby Activity Zone is what you want.

Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby Entertainer : Target

Description: The Bounce Bounce Baby! Door Jumper has model number 6753 written on a white warning label on the seat. The jumper has a blue canvas seat with a sun, star and bee design print, blue straps, and a blue plastic clamp that attaches to an interior door frame. The name "Kids II" is printed on the plastic housing that contains the clamp. Model 67531 Door Jumpers that have a metal clamp are not included in this recall.