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Donatello needs his bow staff to get things done

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48 inches FOAM BO
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Rubber Foam Practice Bo Staff - 6'

Too low to display
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  • On a mastless vessel, fly your private signal from the bow staff. A single-masted vessel may wear it at the truck of the mast (replacing any other signal normally worn at that point) or from a spreader halyard.

    Generally triangular in shape, although sometimes swallow-tailed, the yacht club burgee contains a unique design symbolic of the organization represented. If you boat is a mastless or single-masted yacht, fly your burgee from the bow staff. Boats without a bow staff should wear a burgee at the truck of a single-master yacht. On the other hand, if the truck is occupied with instruments or other conflicting gear, a pigstick can be affixed to a halyard so as to carry a flag above the truck. Alternatively, the burgee may be worn at a spreader halyard. If your boat has two or more masts, fly your burgee at the truck of the forward mast. Do not display more than one burgee at a time. The burgee your boat wears should be that of the group in whose activity you are participating, or whose harbor you are entering, if you are a member of that group. Otherwise, fly the burgee of your home organization. Each yacht club usually has rules that determine when their burgee should be flown.

  • The only other officer flag that may be worn with the owner's or captain's officer flag is that of a visiting officer of higher rank than the officer commanding the vessel. The visiting officer's flag may be flown from the bow staff (in place of the burgee) or from the port spreader halyard. The starboard-side halyard positions belong to the flag of the owner/captain; the port side halyard positions belong to the visitors flags.

    John Abolofia is the latest addition to our Bow Lake Staff. He recently joined us as General Manager. Although John is new to Bow Lake he is not new to the area as he grew up in the great northwest. He enjoys the outdoors, taking his dog backpacking and spending time with his close family. He has a background in all aspects of property management, from small single family homes to large multifamily and mobile home communities. Resident satisfaction and resolving problems are very important to him, so please don’t hesitate to approach him.

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When a foreign guest is aboard, you may display the ensign of the guest's country from the bow staff or outboard port spreader. Should more than one such guest flag be appropriate, wear them on spreader halyards from port to starboard in the alphabetical order of their countries' names in the English language.