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Bratz: The Movie [DVD]

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  • Now, as they re-launch a new generation of Bratz, they decided to add Raya as the “5th” girl to the core line, just as they did with Meygen in 2002.

    There are some things that I am very happy with, but the overall presentation of the Bratz is a bit boring for me this time around. There are some major improvements to the line, but the actual content is not as bold as what once impressed upon me when I first fell in love with the Bratz. I think the Study Abroad line is the best line offered because there is so much quality and detail in the line. It brings out the boldness of Bratz more than all the other lines. I feel that with time, the Bratz may get a little more bold, just from judging the Study Abroad line. But the first two lines seem to lack the boldness that I’m craving.

  • With every new launch (with the exception of 2010), it has always been tradition for Bratz to add a 5th girl to the core Bratz pack. Meygen was the first to be added as a “core” member, which was initially met with some controversy. I believe that was why she didn’t sell as well as the others in 2002. She was then retired, and Dana replaced her. However, they brought Meygen back later. As Bratz fans began to realize that MGA was just trying to develop the growing Bratz line, they became more accepting of Meygen. Eventually, so many new Bratz were being created to the point that MGA decided to just keep the main core four girls and add “5th characters” according to the makeup of each line. We ended up getting new dolls such as Nevra, Fianna, Felicia, Roxxie, Phoebe, Vanessa, and many others.

    Still, after getting my eyes on Study Abroad, I feel that little glimmer of hope. I believe that this is just the beginning for Bratz. If we get more dolls like Study Abroad, with just a little more edge, I believe I will begin to enjoy this line of dolls.

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    bratz you are the most pashioned people i know i wish i could meet you in person
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    The “5th” girl being launched with the all-new core Bratz is Raya. Raya was actually first introduced in 2007 with the . She came with the Salon. MGA has confirmed that she is the same girl, but they changed her eye color (just like they added freckles to Cloe’s face). Raya isn’t really a new girl.

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“Heck, Barbie was able to make it for this long with her pink obsessiveness.” If Bratz is like Barbie, and you can compare the two, what’s stopping me from buying Barbie instead of Bratz? Nothing. If the two lines feel the same, then there is no need for me to continue collecting Bratz exclusively. However you feel about Bratz, from a business perspective, MGA no longer has an original product and will thus be vulnerable in the doll market.