How large is a Bright Time Buddy?

How large is a Bright Time Buddy?

Bright Time Buddies, Dog - The Night Light Lamp You Can Take with You

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  • The night light you can take with you! Perfect for a resting pal and also makes playtime more fun. Bright Time Buddies turn any sort of dark area right into a magical room.

    Which Bright Time Buddy will you buy?
    Will you get the Dreamy Dog, the Windsor Penguin, the Crescent Cat, the Shimmer Unicorn, the Lumy Owl or the Lucinda Ladybug? Or will you collect all 6 for your child?

  • Bright Time Buddies have a soft huggable body design. This makes them terrific for nuzzling. Great for children 3 years old and also up. Makes a terrific birthday celebration or any type of day present!

    Bright Time Buddies are the super fun kids night lights that transform bedtime right into extreme fun time. Bright Light Buddies glow and illuminate in 3 colors and do not require an outlet!

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    Bright Time Buddies - Dog

  • Bright Time Buddies is a night light that encourages children to go to bed. These night lights come in different characters, are cordless and help you drift into sleep. They are so easy to use, all your child has to do is push a button. In a matter of seconds their Bright Time Buddies will be rotating between blue, purple, teal and green lights. Bedtime has never been so easy - for both you and your child.

I am excited about the Bright Time Buddies

My daughter is scared of the dark so I thought if I get her that it will make her less scared but I was wrong ever since I brought her Bright Time Buddies she wouldn't sleep at all until we got rid of it mow she is sleeping in a bed with me.