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Brio My First Railway Beginner Pack Train Set

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  • 1) In the railway station, messages and sounds of trains can be heard when a figure is placed on the messenger unit
    2) The train table set is provided with a button to hear the jet engine running and to activate the lights
    3) The railway tunnel makes a special noise when the train drives through it and with a figure you can also activate bird sounds
    4) In the workshop a light starts blinking when a train or wagon enters the building (this light can also be activated by pressing a button)
    5) This table set also contains a machine with a built-in light which can be activated

    This unique Brio train table set Netword is equipped with a rim which prevents playing elements from falling over the edge. Consequently, your playing room or kids corner will always look neat and tidy. The train table set is delivered including all trains, rails, elements and belonging button-cell batteries.

    OCC; Thrill Rides; Collect and Build; Multi-Model Sets; KID K'NEX; Lincoln Logs Brio train set - Find the largest selection of brio train set on sale. BRIO Railway Train Sets BRIO wooden railway train sets are a great way to get started with the fun of BRIO trains. Sale! 30-50% Off Looking for more wooden train sets. With prices compared from the UK’s best known retailers you can be assured of the best prices for your brio train set. Take a basic Brio wooden train set and add your own accessories. All sets include beechwood interlocking track and trains.

  • Brio® is famous for its train sets and other educational toys manufactured in Sweden from durable FSC-wood. This swedish company has also developed a brio train table set for use in (public) playcorners. Children learn in a natural way all about trains, their functions and their importance for our society. However, this Brio train table set offers much more: due to the addition of many built-in interactive applications, children are encouraged to take part actively and to study cause-and-effect relationships.

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    BRIO Wooden Railway is back. Brio was not distributed in the U.S.A for several years, but now it is back. We believe we consistently have the LOWEST PRICES and BEST on BRIO Wooden Railway items. We have Brio trains, Brio train sets, Brio track and more, in stock and ready to ship.

  • In case you are on the watch-out for a marvelous train table, then you have found the best deal already. In November we have priced this original Brio train table set temporarily € 150.00 lower. This train table consists of a solid base, a decorative and colourful base plate as well as a complete Brio railway circuit. Of course supplied with all trains, rails, waggons, railway tunnel, and many other accessories.

    But that is not all. This Brio train table set is interactive. You can hear for example the engine of the locomotive and when the train passes the tunnel, a special sound echo can be observed. On the train station platform you hear the well known railway sound signals and when the train enters the workshop, the lights start flashing.

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Brio train sets are super popular and I can see the appeal. They are simple but very fun to play with. Brio sets aren't the cheapest to buy but the quality is usually there. Argos have at LEAST 50% off Brio Train Sets just now, meaning you can pick up and absolute bargain. They are all selling quick though, so get in there fast.