Bubble Bath For Babies With Eczema

Bubble Bath for Babies 9 Months + - Layered Cake

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  • Game info/discussion at | "Bubble Bath Babes" (NES), published by Panesian, 1991 | Basic demonstration of natural gameplay; no commentary, no cheats/tool-assistance, not a speed-run. Captured from classic front-loading NES "toaster" console.

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    Despite the fact that bubble bath for babies and toddlers is sold in stores, pediatricians generally recommend against using bubbles before age three. That’s because babies and toddlers are especially prone to urinary tract infections if the soap isn’t completely rinsed away.

  • Bubble Bath Babes
    Sample gameplay screenshot
    Developer(s) C&E
    Publisher(s) Panesian, Hacker International, American Video Entertainment
    Composer(s) Kossel Huang
    Platform(s) NES
    Release date(s)
    • JP: 1991
    • NA: 1991
    • AUS: 1991
    Genre(s) Adult-oriented puzzle game
    Mode(s) Single-handed

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