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  • I approve. Any bus that's set up to haul ass is badass. They destroy the stereotype of buses being slow. Exemplified by Team Bad Dog time and time again- even stock, reduction box buses ARE fast. Get some power behind a properly set-up lowered, straight axle split and a driver who's been outside the city limits, and I'll be cheering that one on for sure. Why most of us hate lowered buses, is not so much the buses themselves, but more the NON-performance, inept drivers whose focus is squarely vested in aesthetics and image. Some of us don't understand this, thus, we heave and look away.

    Ebus has been and continues to be a pioneer in fast-charge technology and will be there to provide single source support for all your electric bus charging needs. and we will help you learn more about the Ebus GAMMA fast-charge station as well as other electric bus solutions.

  • The European commercial vehicle manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus AG has chosen ABB’s e-bus fast-charging units for its electric bus research and development facilities in Munich, Germany — specifically, for depot and opportunity charging — according to an email recently sent to .

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