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Busy Baby: Friends

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  • I’m Susie, the Mom behind Busy Toddler. But most importantly, I’m the mom of one seriously busy toddler, one very busy baby, and one full and busy life.

    I think young children and parents will adore the Busy Baby Series (Friends and Trucks). These books are a great way to help a young child learn how a smile can help one make new friends or turn a situation from grim to happy. The illustrations are made of geometric shapes and bright colors that will delight young readers. In addition to other children, animals add a nice touch of whimsy. Young children can learn as they listen to the story and play along.

    Your Busy Baby Gift Box comes in a paperboard box wrapped in cellophane and decorated with a curling ribbon bow.
    Gift dimensions are 8.5" x 5" x 12". Weight 5 lbs.Baby will be very busy with these fun Sophie the Giraffe board books.

    Before we begin: I call this post β€œBusy Baby Tray Activities” but of course – do not use any activities with young babies of choking age. Make sure your toddler is old enough to keep busy playing and not eating the supplies πŸ˜‰ Routinely check parts for wear and tear to reduce choking risk and never let kids play with bags.

  • Filled with engaging four-color illustrations, Busy, Busy Baby also includes a spinning mirror that is fantastic for creating opportunities for interactivity with a young baby. One side of the mirror has an illustration of a baby's face, with the other mirrored side providing an opportunity for the baby to see his or her own face on the body of the active baby. In this simple book, readers will see the busy baby playing peek-a-boo, standing up tall, playing a drum, and holding a book. The main message throughout the book is God's amazing love for everyone, but specifically for the reader. Busy, Busy Baby is a fantastic way to expose young babies to the love of God in a way that engages them physically and mentally.

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