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OsoCozy Organic Cotton Prefolds Premium Short 4x8x4 (6pk)

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  • When you’re shopping for prefolds, you should know that all prefolds are not the same! Look for diapers labelled “Diaper Service Quality,” or DSQ for short. These are wide enough and long enough to fit a baby, and they usually have four layers of fabric on the sides and eight layers in the center. The fabric is usually either Indian cotton (a gauze fabric) or Chinese cotton (a twill), and it quilts up very nicely when you prewash it. You want that thick quilting in order for the diapers to absorb everything that comes out of your baby. You can also buy hemp prefolds, but they are VERY expensive. The two brands of cotton prefolds I recommend are the OsoCozy diapers and the diapers. Avoid the cheap brands that Target sells, like Gerber. They aren’t Diaper Service Quality and are better used as burp cloths.

    Prefolds are a favorite and are still around because they are inexpensive and absorbent. If you baby is a very heavy wetter you might find this to be the best route on a budget. A popular option is the which includes 3 waterproof one size covers and 12 one size prefolds for $50.00. Depending on the age of your baby you might be fine with just one kit, but if your baby is younger and needs to be changed more frequently you might want to go for two. Still, this will get you an entire stash for about $100.00. Prefolds are also often found used and, since they would already be prepped, this is even better for the buyer since prefolds need several washes to be fully prepped. {get prepping instructions for cloth diapers}

  • I buy my prefold diapers from (I have no affiliation with them, I just love their diapers!) because they have prefold sizes that are the best fit for babies. They offer orange-edge newborn sized prefolds that are a perfect fit for brand new babies.

    is my go-to place to buy prefold cloth diapers. Instead of attempting to write an adequate description of the different sizes, I’ll let the experts speak:

I will probably never have to buy cloth diapers again.