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  • With new versions of video game consoles, it might mean that older games cannot be played on them. Luckily, the newer Nintendo Wii U system is backwards compatible. That means you will be able to play the Carnival Games on both Wii and Wii U. However, any future versions of Carnival Games for Wii U may not be compatible with a Nintendo Wii system. When , it is generally best to purchase the newest models to make sure that you can play the games you want.

    Before buying video games, you should make sure they are compatible with your video game console. The Carnival Games for Wii will only work on Wii consoles and the version for Nintendo DS will only work on the Nintendo DS console.

  • All Wii games are region locked. This means that they will only work on consoles which are specifically programmed to play discs with the same code. A Carnival Games coded with NTSC-U/C will only work in North American Wii consoles which share this code. Carnival Games for Wii come in 3 region codes.

    In 2007, the publisher Global Star Systems (now called 2K Play) released the video game Carnival Games for Wii and game consoles. The video game consisted of 25 different mini games which could be typically found at a carnival, such as Hoops and Dunk Tank. Critics mostly dismissed Carnival Games for having poor-quality graphics and because the mini games can lose appeal after just a few plays. Despite these criticisms, Carnival Games became very popular with players is known as a great for all ages.

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    Carnival Games for Nintendo Wii
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  • Christoph Hartmann, the head of 2K Games, that he and his team did not develop many games for Wii. Hartmann claims that 2K Games is very careful and selective with which games it brings to a certain platform – Wii U included. 2K Games’ Carnival Games for Wii was, according to Hartmann, probably one of the best titles for the .

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We were sent a copy of the New Carnival Games for the Wii to try out as a family. We did not like some of the games in New Carnival Games, some were too hard for the little kids but we did have our favorites. Our top “mini-game” in New Carnival Games is the Haunted House. The kidlets would never go in a Haunted House at a regular Fair but on New Carnival Games they can go through a simulated Haunted House that isn’t too creepy for the little ones. And just like a real Carnival the goal of the game is to collect as many prizes as possible.