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Changing tables are convenient for changing a baby or, apparently, snorting a line.

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  • There was never an intent to harm anyone in the process of changing a baby’s diaper in a less than private spot. If I did the “lift and sniff test” and there was a positive result, I would make a point of finding a more secluded location for the dirty work.

    If a baby has red skin just around the nappy area, you're probably dealing with nappy rash. Most nappy rashes occur because of skin irritation due to wet or soiled nappies, especially if left on for too long; nappies that are too tight; or a particular brand of detergent, soap, nappies or baby wipes. Avoid it by keeping the nappy area open to the air as long as possible, changing your baby's nappy as soon as you can once it's wet, washing thoroughly but gently with a warm cloth and applying zinc oxide barrier cream during nappy changes.

  • Who thinks “The Nappy Lady” had something to do with this piece of crap (pun intended)? If your diaper changing space is so limited you think you need this, you don’t need this! What are you changing your baby in? A shoebox?

    It is really wonderful to find your little one’s room adoring those lovely and cute furniture with which your baby grows. You need suitably designed tables to change your baby or when you cuddle him or her after bath. You will find made of solid birch and with natural finish. You will find comfortable height to change the baby where the practical storage space always is in your reach. You should be very careful in one regard that never leave your baby unattended on the changing table. In other version you will find changing unit with drawers in antique pine style. You do find the fixing and installation instruction included and you do not need any representative to install it because the process is quite easy. You can easily create a stunning contemporary look when you bring home dark wood effect changing unit. The modern features include chrome handle and shaker details.

  • This is unfair, and we all know it, so it’s good news that today, noted feminist dad President Obama signed into law the Babies Act, which will ensure that all restrooms in federal buildings — even the ones for men! — will now have places to change babies. It’s only federal buildings, sure, but it’s a start.

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Keeping baby’s bottom dry helps baby stay comfortable and rash-free. However, many Moms and Dads have a tendency to change baby too many times in the night out of fear of baby being soaked and fussy. This is one time not to be proactive and change baby’s diaper through the night; instead go ahead and change baby’s diaper before a feeding so then you can just put her to bed once full.