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  • While conducting our research we noticed that a sizeable proportion of users who posted online reviews buy cheap jogging strollers for purposes other than jogging -- for family outings to a park or lake, for tours through the neighborhood, for shopping at the mall. And families with two young children often take to cheap double jogging strollers for the side-by-side seating, a welcome alternative to the front-back arrangement common in traditional strollers. Although our picks for best cheap jogging strollers earn plaudits for their ability to traverse a variety of surfaces, there was some griping about their suitability for the ancillary, non-jogging functions; e.g., they're heavy to lift, too bulky for the car trunk, too wide for doorways and store aisles. So as you run through your checklist of must-have features, consider how you plan to use the stroller. The answer is likely to push you in the direction of one model over another.

    Before deciding which jogging stroller best meets your needs, it's important to be familiar with the common features and understand how they affect the child's comfort and your ease of use. Take wheel movement, for example: Jogging and "active walking" require a fixed front wheel for stability and tracking; strolling and errand-running call for a swivel front wheel for easier navigation in enclosed spaces and around obstacles. Brakes are another critical feature: Joggers like the convenience and added safety of a hand brake to regulate speed in addition to foot brakes for use while at rest; walkers easily make do with foot brakes alone. Other features to note include wheel size, stroller weight, passenger weight capacity, safety measures, and extras such as cup holders, reclining seats, and speaker systems. The sum total of these factors will determine if your daily run (or walk) with a cheap jogging stroller is a smooth one.

  • Important note: Some cheap jogging strollers are compatible with infant car seats, but manufacturers recommend against jogging with babies younger than six months even if secured in a car seat. Infants cannot adequately stabilize their heads against the jostling caused by running, and even adding support in the form of a headrest or extra padding does not sufficiently mitigate the risk of injury. Additionally, sometimes thrifty parents choose to save money by purchasing or borrowing second-hand baby gear. Again, experts strongly advise that you don't acquire a pre-owned stroller, jogging or otherwise. If you do, just make sure you know its history and check for recalls at .

    As you shop around, you'll undoubtedly stumble on other brands. Baby Trend, for example, offers cheap jogging strollers but garners mixed reviews from users. Tike Tech, like Schwinn, is more of a mid-tier producer that also makes one or two cheap jogging stroller models. BOB sells mid- to high-end jogging strollers and seems to be the aspirational brand for many shoppers. Nonetheless, we found that the best cheap jogging strollers win over budget-minded consumers with their value: They sell at an affordable price point, come with an array of appealing features, and perform well in the field. Cheap jogging strollers are generally suitable for recreational jogging and all-terrain walking only, however. Serious runners and off-roaders should look into higher-performance models that come with a higher price tag but provide greater stability and comfort and give you more control.

  • Our research turned up three best cheap jogging strollers. Kolcraft's line of cheap jogging strollers includes the (starting at $175), which cruises to the top spot on our list for its user-friendliness and made-for-jogging build. Another winner is the (starting at $176), a model that earns strong reviews for passenger comfort and manueverability. InStep makes a variety of single and double (side-by-side seating) joggers that are consistently praised by users; the (starting at $160) stands out for its smooth, road-tested performance. (Tip: The Schwinn Turismo also is available as a double and the Safari Swivel as a single; other models likewise come in both configurations.) One cheap jogging stroller that gives us pause is the (starting at $149), which falls back on design and build quality.

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Despite the ease or lack thereof associated with folding these buggies, numerous jogging stroller reviews for all the models we researched carp about their bulk and weight. Some posts at Toys R Us, for example, say the 37-pound InStep Safari Swivel Double is awkward to lift in and out of a car trunk and is a tight fit in some vehicles, particularly compact cars and small SUVs. Some users find even the 26.4-pound Jeep Overland Limited a bear to transport; one jogging strollers review at Walmart says a Honda minivan can't accommodate this stroller when the back seats are up. The Schwinn Turismo Swivel weighs in at 31 pounds, and some users consider it a heavy load. The Schwinn Arrow is the lightest cheap jogging stroller we found, at 20.5 pounds.