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Child proofing lever door handles

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Safety First Child Safety Lever Handle Lock - Pack of 2

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    A child proof door handle does not have to be difficult to find. Child proof door handles are practical, sleek and functional, and if you have young children, then it's almost definitely a must. You can find child proof door handle knobs, child proof lever door handles as well as child proof French door handle parts among other products. A nice door handle can really add those finishing touches to a home, although if you have a small child nearby, then you need to consider various options and not just looks.

  • For lever handles inside the home, I would stick with the . So far, companies have not come up with an excellent design for childproofing a lever handle. The problem some have with lever locks is that some 2-year-olds can and do open them.

the ones walmart is selling now ARE NOT CHILD PROOF