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- Barbie cinderella dress up is a dress up games game 2 play ..

Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

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    Cinderella Dress Up and Storybook for Kids is a lively, engaging story that brings the classic fairytale into a modern, interactive experience. From the pumpkin to the glass slipper, kids can touch and interact with the famous fairytale bringing it to life like never before! Tap the pumpkin and turn it into Cinderella’s carriage. Choose Cinderella’s clothes for the ball and help the prince locate his princess by finding who fits into the glass slipper. This is the perfect story to read to your kids for bedtime or any time! It’s the fairy tale dressup kids and their parents will love!

  • Cinderella dress up: this girl has a very good personality and hence she is chosen to be the cinderella princess in her school play. can you please help her to dress up so that she looks exactly like cinderella?

    Create your own Cinderella Dress Up Storybook and make the beautiful Cinderella your own! Use your imagination and dress up Cinderella in dozens of magnificent ways. With loads of accessories and matching clothes to choose from, pick Cinderella’s tiara, necklace, gloves and dress! Outfit the prince with a matching crown, cape, shoes and a full suit! Choose dresses for Cinderella’s step sisters and read the famous story like never before. Each of the characters are exactly how you designed!

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Dress up like your favorite Disney Princess! This Cinderella Dress Up Set includes a replica outfit of Cinderella with a shirt, skirt, shoes, tiara, and even a purse! Hand wash only. One size, fits sizes 4-6x.