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25 Textured Rock Climbing Holds for Kids with Installation Hardware - Assorted Sizes and Colors

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  • I’ll give Mr. Know-it-all a little credit. He was exactly right – if the beginner is an adult or older teen, but young kids are, in general, totally different. Climbing with kids — or for that matter, any outdoor sport with kids — is an entirely different beast. The standard logic doesn’t always apply.

    We have been enjoying lots of rock climbing with kids and families this summer. Our half-day introduction to rock climbing in Ouray has been very popular, especially since kids 10 and under climb free! Following are a few photos from some of our recent outings on Ouray’s rock climbing crags. Most of the images are from the Ouray Rotary Wall which is just 5 minutes from our office.

  • In home rock climbing walls can be a fun addition to any home. Crash pads can be placed at on the floor in case your rock climbing kids happen to take a fall, but ideally you should only place hand holds at a height that your child can safely climb without getting hurt. Supervision is not only a must it is a great way to bond with your children and develop relationships of trust. Plus, diaper climbing toddlers are just too cute!

    You’re sitting on a bench at the , watching the kids play (OK, half-watching the kids play, half-checking Facebook ), when you notice a pileup at the top of the slide. One kid keeps climbing up the wrong way and sliding down over and over, while the others are getting impatient at the top. Do you go over and say something to the climbing kid? I absolutely would—even if my kid is nowhere near the slide. I would also talk to that kid over there throwing rocks, and the one spinning that horrible spinning thing too fast for anyone else to get on, and even that group of older who aren’t being careful enough around the littler children.

  • Climbing for Kids is not just a fundraising program. It’s an opportunity to experience unbelievable beauty, courage and inspiration while raising funds for nonprofit Bay Area Wilderness Training’s mission: helping teachers and youth workers get urban at-risk kids outdoors for life-changing experiences!

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I started a family climbing group at the Gunks to help families find other families to climb with. What started as a mailing list for a small group of families to communicate with each other is now a Googlegroup with over 80 families. It’s been a great way for climbers with kids to connect with other climbing families and get group outings together with kids of similar ages. I’ll have to find time to write about how I formed the group and how I administer it in another blog post…