The Coby Video MP3 Player in blue is available at for $36.81.

COBY Portable MP3 Player Operating instructions MP-C440

Coby MP826-4GBLK 2.8 Inch LCD Touchscreen Video MP3 Player 4 GB (Black) (Discontinued by manufacturer)

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  • The Coby MP3 player comes preloaded with music and videos. If you want to remove the preloaded files and start with a fresh device, you can do so. Note that this process removes all files on your device.

    Turn on the Coby MP3 player and select the Setup menu. Select System, select USB mode, and then select MSC. Save the settings and turn the MP3 player off.

  • Close the Computer window. Disconnect the USB cable from your Coby MP3 player and it automatically turns off. When you turn the device back on, it automatically updates and removes the deleted songs.

    Click Start and then click Computer. Find the Coby MP3 Player under Removable Drives, right-click and select Format. This formats the drive on the device and removes all files. When it is completed, you can disconnect the device.

  • Click the Start button and then click Computer. If you have Windows XP, it will be My Computer. A computer window opens. Find the Coby MP3 player on this screen. It will be listed as Coby 05 or Removable Disk. Double-click on this and then click on the folder where the songs you want to delete are located. This folder will probably be named Music.

Coby MP3 Player User Manuals and Support ..

Add videos and pictures to your Coby MP3 player if it supports those files. The process is similar to transferring audio files. Plug your MP3 player into your computer. Open the photo file on your computer and drag pictures into the player. You can create folders to organize the pictures.