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  • The Museum's Kid Shop will also feature toys from each decade of the past 40 years, including 1982's ColecoVision Video Game Console, 1985's My Buddy doll, and 1991's Super Soaker.

    Classic Game Room HD reviews the iconic DEFENDER for the Colecovision video game console! This Defender review shows off the Eugene Jarvis masterpiece as it was released by Atarisoft for Coleco Vision. This game was originally a 1980 arcade hit from the masters at Midway. Regarded as one of the best games ever created, Defender is in many ways a very early SHMUP style horizontal shooter.

  • Classic Game Room HD reviews the Atari 2600 game playing Colecovision Expansion Module #1 for the Coleco Vision video game console! Play all of your favorite Atari 2600 VCS titles like Yars' Revenge, Mario Brother, Defender and Combat on your Colecovision with this handy and stylish Expansion Module #1. It plugs right into the front of your 1980's old school ColecoVision game console and plays retro old school video games with ease and clarity.

    Anyone reading this who’s over the age of 35 may recognize the name Coleco. In 1982 we got the ColecoVision games console, promising near arcade quality graphics, but on your TV at home. Games were sold on cartridges, of which there were 145 released during the console’s lifetime. Now, some 33 years later, we’re getting a brand new Coleco-branded games console.

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    Classic Game Room HD reviews GORF for the Colecovision video game console. Gorf was released to the arcades in 1981 by Midway and this amazing port of the game found its way to the Colecovision in 1983. It is a unique arcade game, and certainly a unique old school retro home video game, because it plays like 4 games in one (the arcade was 5 in 1). And it all gels together very well, combining elements of Space Invaders, Galaxian, Galaga, Star Wars, Star Ship and modern SHMUPS.

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Grab your favorite joystick and warm up the television set! The Super Game Module has finally arrived, shattering the limits of the ColecoVision game console and making perfect arcade conversions a reality. With dramatically enhanced sound quality and over thirty times the memory of an unexpanded system, the Super Game Module shifts the ColecoVision into overdrive, bringing the greatest arcade hits of the 1980s home without a trace of compromise.