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  • The actual in the Color Change Markers is an aqueous solution of a highly polar glycol (to keep the marker from drying out), a non-sudsing detergent (as a wetting agent), and some form of citric acid (to create an acidic pH).

    As shown in this Crayola commercial, the color changing markers react with some of the pigments and not with others, therefore appearing to “take away” certain layers of the color while leaving others. This makes is seem as though the color is actually changing when in fact only a fraction of the pigment is being removed. In this blog post, we will explain why a combination of a strong base and acid will cause these colors to react.

  • Let the creativity flow with this set of color changing markers. Create original designs and works of art using the color changing marker and see different colors appear.

    Although well known as a fun and creative kids toy, the chemistry behind the Crayola Color Changing Magic Marker, and other markers like it, actually involves a good deal of chemistry.

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  • The Crayola brand was first invented by the color company known as Binney and Smith in 1864. Moving their way successfully through chalk, crayons, and pencils; the first pack of Crayola Markers was sold in 1978. And 10 years later, the first Magic Marker or color changing marker set was produced. Essentially, these packs include about 6 colored marker colors, and each marker contains an attached Color Change Tip, which can be used to draw over the other colors and “magically” change the pigment on the paper.

Color Changing Markers - The Green Alligator

Alright, admit it, you kind of wanted to be as cool as this little girl when you played with markers as a kid. But this product is actually pretty recent so unless you still play with markers, it’s pretty unlikely you’ve ever had such an opportunity. So what markers did we play with as kids? Chances are at some point, as a parent or kid, you came across the “magic” color changing marker commercials all over the TV, and eventually curiosity won out and you bought a pack. But how did they work? Only 10 years after their discontinued production, we’re here to find out.