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  • Cooking Mama is by far one of the most popular game series out there, as it caters to both young and old, as well as experienced and new gamers. The third installment in the series, Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop, brings in a sort of new game mode where Mama goes shopping for supplies. Mama is controlled with the stylus, where you can direct her to supplies needed (each level has different supplies and varied amounts), or away from other customers and employees. When run into, throw you into a random mini-game you have to figure out on your own (no instructions are given) and if you fail the mini-game, Mama loses a heart, and at three strikes you are sent home. You get scored, and if you collected all of the supplies you were prompted with at the start of the game mode, you get a Bonus, usually stickers to decorate your Cooking Journal with, or clothes to dress Mama in. The controls are frustrating and unresponsive and everyone moves faster than you do, so avoiding the repetitive mini games proves more challenging than fun.

    Tattoo Classic Game Room reviews COOKING MAMA 3 for Nintendo DS. Cooking Mama is one bad-ass... don't y'nz say that!. Ohhh yeah, cooking sushi, squid and Korean BBQ, Cookin' Mama got it goin' on. This ain't Sears Roebuck (edit)! This is Cooking Mama and she be throwin' down the hottest dishes this side of your Nintendo DS. From Majesco, Cooking Mama 3 Shop and Chop has traditional Nintendo DS stylus based gameplay where players cook dishes and play numerous mini games.

  • Après l'annonce de l'arrivée du troisième volet des sur DS, voici quelques images diffusées par 505 Games. Offrant pas moins de 200 mini-jeux, 80 recettes et du multijoueur pour 4 personnes, Cooking Mama 3 arrivera vraisemblablement en fin d'année 2009.

    Majesco has made some of the more familiar tasks, such as dicing, mixing, and frying, different, so that it's providing the gamer a bit more of a challenge the previous Mama games. The new additions of the Shop and the Mix have extended the game play nicely. It had always been a complaint of mine that I finished Cooking Mama too quickly, but I feel as if I'm getting a little more bang for my buck. And the chance to send the fruits and vegetables I've grown in Gardening Mama to my Cooking Mama 3 kitchen is a great way to incorporate both games.

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    Cooking Mama 3 is set to light up the holiday charts, and Mama fans should be sure to check out the screenshot gallery below for the first look at the new game.

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Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop offers up a third hearty helping of wholesome cuisine-preparing fun. It should come as a big surprise to anyone who's followed the handheld cooking mini-game series thus far that Mama's latest culinary installment on the DS doesn't drop any bombshells or otherwise add any major last-minute menu changes to the familiar formula. It merely sprinkles in a few new flavors here and there in an attempt to keep patrons satisfied. Depending on your taste, it might not be enough to warrant placing another order, though Mama fans won't be disappointed.